Corruption Arcana: Ghosts in the Wood

Saturday August 12, 2017 at 2:00pm fate core, corruption arcana, game session notes Comments (0) »
 Artwork © Jason Coates and Evil Hat Productions
Artwork © Jason Coates and Evil Hat Productions

This is a new game we put together for my brother-in-law Michael.  He wants to run a Fate game himself, but is having a difficult time getting people together.  Also, while he's read the book, he wanted to see how it plays out at the table.


We had already decided on a "traditional" fantasy genre, but we set up the remaining game aspects collaboratively as suggested by the Fate Core rulebook.  What we came up with was a high fantasy setting, based on a lost civilzation, where magic is being corrupted and the PCs need to find out why - or at least how and stop it.


[Michael] Jace - Soldier without a Kingdom

[Jese] Cassia - Quick-witted Huntress

[Sheri] Talia - Itinerant Historian

[Tony] Cooper - Acquisitions Expert for the Second Dawn


The group heard rumors of a cult that was speeding the corruption of magic in the world - and that they might be based in the ruin of a small keep in a forest some distance to the south.  Upon arriving, they were met by a group of goblins fleeing from an angry ghost.  Cassia was able to catch one of them and get from it that they were working for a sorceror, mining gold beneath the keep.  Goblins inside the structure itself were more hostile than terrified, however, and the group had to fight two of them off before they could proceed deeper into the ruin...

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