Aralakh Company: In The Red

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 Battletech artwork © Harebrained Schemes
Battletech artwork © Harebrained Schemes

- As the Centurion joined them, the company took a quick look at the destoyed tanks.  Finding nothing salvageable, they decided to withdraw and chalk up the win instead of pressing their luck by assaulting the compound in the mountains above.

- Short on funds, the company sent a priority message to their next prospective employer, a FWLM division, saying that if they would spot them the c-bills, they could take it out of their paycheck.  After some brief negotiation, they agreed.

- Aralakh arrived at a military base on the world of Ohrensen some weeks later.  They were advised to stay on the base as the city outside was known to have some problematic criminal elements.  Their ship's crew, however, wanted to take the leave while they could get it, and convinced them to go into town.  

- The evening went well for most of them, but a few disappeared as the night wore on - only reappearing later in hostage photos of the so-called "Capellan Insurgency", delivered to the base with a demand for ransom.  The irate sergeant told the company to "handle this" or their contract would be terminated.

- Meanwhile, Rip arrived at Galatea and met with Magistrate Brandt about the dispensation of liquid assets from the defunct Buller company.  While not a negotiator by nature, Rip managed to dig up a few pieces of info that helped his cause, and ultimately left the meetings 1.75 million c-bills richer.

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