Aralakh Company: Urban Jungle pt. I

Thursday October 12, 2017 at 8:45pm battletech, aralakh company, game session notes Comments (0) »
 Battletech artwork © Harebrained Schemes
Battletech artwork © Harebrained Schemes

- As they made planetfall, Aralakh was briefed on their objective: they would be entering a sector of an urban industrial area looking for targets.  Any supply depots were to be held until they could be cleaned out.  Production, research, and repair facilities were to be destroyed to cripple the Capellan war effort in this region.  Resistance was expected to be light to moderate; mech forces were known to be on-planet, but probably not in large numbers.  As they approached the edge of the city, engagements had already begun elsewhere.  Thus far, resistance was a bit more than anticipated, but not problematically so.  They were also warned of incoming contacts to their position, and that guerrilla forces had been observed.

- In their initial advance, Aralakh located a factory and a munitions depot, destroyed a 20-ton Stinger and a building concealing a laser weapon, and maimed a retreating tank.

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