No Thank You Evil: Icebreakers pt. II

 No Thank You Evil artwork © Monte Cook Games
No Thank You Evil artwork © Monte Cook Games

- When the bubble teas hit the frozen ice rink, the froze solid into balls and rolled away - being chased by the Argle Bargles.  Since she found herself trapped in the basement, Pirate Hannah decided to let them have the bubble teas for now and concentrate on getting back up the slide.  She managed to talk the Argle Bargles into helping her up the slide, and they even gave her the rest of their (now frozen) bubble teas.

- Next she needed to get a clean pillowcase.  Crystal Noele told her she could find one in the laundry shed behind the hotel, but when Hannah got there, she found it was full of Gunks who were busy dirtying all the clean laundry.  She was able to get the only remaining clean pillowcase away from them, but got pretty 'gunked' herself in the process.

- The last component she needed was a room key.  Cyrstal told Hannah that all of the keys were in use, and that the guests with them were trapped on the 3rd floor!  Talking to the gardener gnome, Hannah borrowed a growing ladder and climbed into the 3rd floor window where she was able to talk a cat-person into giving her a room key.

- Once all the components were gathered, Hannah recited the incantation and the Jinn and Dragons went back to work, freezing the thawing hotel.  Cyrstal Noele was so happy that she told Hannah that she and her Pretty Pony could stay at her hotel for free anytime.

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