Aralakh Company: Regrouping

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 Battletech artwork © Harebrained Schemes
Battletech artwork © Harebrained Schemes

- Drevan, Toulonne, and Braeggan flipped over the steel table and took cover behind it, returning a few shots with their pistols as they decided what to do.  The building was on auto-lockdown, but the back door had been opened moments before the alarm was raised and wouldn't seal until it closed again.  They attempted to give some covering fire while sending Braeggan out the door to (relative) safety.

- Moments later, the truck that had rammed through the wall exploded violently, killing many of the attackers while the rest ran away further into the building.  Drevan and Toulonne pursued one down the hall and discovered that the stairwell doors - which should have been locked - were open.  When they returned to the mess hall, security teams and medics were already on site.  As the incident wound down, the two were asked some questions and allowed to leave.

- When the rest of the company returned, they found out from Riley that about 20 minutes after they left the battlefield continuing their escort mission, a Marauder and a Cyclops arrived on the scene.  They all spent some time doing field repairs (enough to get the Whitworth moving again), and the group of them headed off to the west.  Consulting the satellite maps, to the west was largely plainsland.  Beyond this was a rugged badlands region, the compound of a wealthy noble, and the small port town of Urngen.

- The group also got word of the Bluesabres returning to the city and decided they wanted to find out what they knew.  Steiner and Orion caught up with a couple of them at The Militiaman, and learned they'd found little in the mountains to the north, but that they had intercepted a Hermes II heading east and were currently working to salvage it.  They figure the Hermes was heading into the forest, and they're planning to hit that area next.

- The company did some quick repairs to get a deployable recon lance and sent them to the badlands to the west while Rip, Toulonnne and a couple of crew went to speak with the noble.

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