Aralakh Company: Familiar Faces

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 Battletech artwork © Harebrained Schemes
Battletech artwork © Harebrained Schemes

- Steiner took his Blackjack with Riley in the newly-acquired Hatchetman, Orion in his assassin, and Morgan in the Jenner into the western badlands to look for signs of 'mech activity related to the terrorist cell they'd been hunting.

- After some time in the badlands, they began picking up weak radio transmissions and began to notice sensor interference in their 'mechs.  They ended up in a boxed canyon where they found a Flea and a Clint and a few semi-permenent structures.

- Engaging the units was more difficult than it should have been, largely due to whatever was causing the sensor scrambling.  As they fought with the lighter units, Steiner realized that their foes were painted with obvious FWL colors, rather than the hodge-podge, bandit schemes they'd so far encountered on this contract.  Further, the area they were occupying was almost certainly a dropship LZ.

- The lance managed to take out the Flea, but the threat increased significantly when reinforcements showed up in the form of a Vindicator who landed a couple PPC hits right out of the gate.

- Morgan turned his attention to the building the suspected of housing the sensor-jamming device in an attempt to remove that edge from their enemies.  It was pretty heavily armored, but with some help from his allies, a couple rounds of sustained fire destroyed it and the interference they'd been experiencing cleared instantly.

- It was then that Steiner's sensors pegged their biggest problem: a 70-ton Marauder closing in on their position...

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