No Thank You Evil: Fear Factory - Wanted Hobgoblins

Saturday August 11, 2018 at 10:00am no thank you evil, fear factory, game session notes Comments (0) »
 No Thank You Evil artwork © Monte Cook Games
No Thank You Evil artwork © Monte Cook Games

- Pirate Hannah and her little sister Olivia get a call for help from The Inspector.  He had too many cases and needed someone capable to take over one or two of them.  Hannah took a look at the wall and grabbed the 'Wanted' poster.  A pair of Hobgoblins had stolen a bag full of coins from Big Bucks Bank and were hiding out in the Fear Factory.

- On the way to the Factory, they met a goblin salesman who tried to get them to buy a few things, but he didn't seem to have anything they wanted.  The lock on the door to the factory didn't pose much of a challenge for the crafty pirate, and they ventured inside.

- After wandering through a few rooms of the abandoned toy factory, they encountered a Blunderbus who tried to steal a couple of coins from them.  When confronted he told them that "they" made him do it, and he led them to the interior room where the Hobgoblins were holed up.

- Hannah's "Good Blaster" broke through the hobs' armor and made them feel very guilty.  She tied them up and brought them back to The Inspector who told them that the theives were wanted by Lucy Lawful...

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