Capellan March: Back in the Saddle

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 Battletech artwork © Harebrained Schemes, Battletech logo © Catalyst Game Labs
Battletech artwork © Harebrained Schemes, Battletech logo © Catalyst Game Labs

- After a couple more exchanges with no real progress on either side, Isaac managed to turn the tables on Vostok with one decisive salvo, setting himself up for the win a round or two later.  As Fyodor made his way off the field, Isaac attempted to smooth things over by congratulating him on a good match - with some success.

- Meanwhile, Thaddeus attempted to quietly enter the bar where his crewman Marshall Fox was holding a gun on another patron. Unfortunately, the chime above the door gave him away and startled Fox, who reflexively whirled to see who was coming up behind him, giving the thugs in the bar an opening to leap on him.  Thaddeus ultimately waded in to the resulting melee in an attempt to pull Marshall out.  By the time Thad had KO'd one of the attackers, Marshall had managed to get just enough leverage against the one pinning him down that he was able to pull himself free - limping, but not seriously injured. 

- The situation fizzled from there, and the two got a cab back to the drop port - during which time Thad was able to pull little out of the dispondent crewman about what had happened.  Morale on the small crew had taken an obvious hit over the concern about Fox's actions and well-being, so Isaac had the ship's mate call everyone back from leave where he gave them all news of his win, their new ally, and their hopefully-lucrative contract - and to celebrate, he was taking everyone out for a night on the town.

- On monday, the crew met with Major Caldwell at a military office to sign and discuss the particulars of their mission.  They would be heading to Capricorn III - a Capellan world in a near-border system.  They would be target munitions factories and depots on the planet.  The AFFS would be covering transportation to and from the system, and would be paying them a 750k contract fee for the mission.  They were free to take whatever salvage they could pull from the planet during the week of operations.

- On friday, they lifted and over the next week made their way to the system nadir to rendezvous with the merchant-class jumpship Sunset Crane and Gallager's modified leopard Krenshar.  From there, it took about 5 weeks to make the jumps to the Capricorn system, where the two merc companies detached and began accelerating toward their target world...


GM's Note: One of the great things about this session was the snake-eyes I rolled for Marshall Fox's reaction to the door chime when Thaddeus entered the tense situation.  I had prepared a bunch of possible dialog angles between Thad, Fox, and the gang that all when out the window when Marshall completely dropped his composure. One of the things I love about RPGs - sometimes the dice make pretty radical turns in the story.

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