Lost Talisman: Into Elionde

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Dungeons & Dragons 3rd Ed. logo © Wizards of the Coast

- Headed back to the village of Bolgrove.  Camped on the way.  During the night, a man calling himself Eli appeared to Iris, asked her questions about their quest, and gave her a purple crystal.

- Upon returning to Bolgrove, stopped at the tavern and the home of the druid Saffa.  Were not able to find any info on the "heart of shadow" or the other man who seemed to be looking for Elam Nethley, but the druid told them that the "dwellers of the deepest darkness" might allude to the dwarves of the Galloth Mountains.  There is a gate to an underground passage to the dwarven city of Unver Gual from the mining town of Laduun.

- The following day, they set out for the kingdom toward Helok's Ford to cross the river and then continue south to Laduun, as this was their best lead.  On the road, they met with a caravan being attacked by giant insects - and they ran in to assist.

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