Mouse Guard 1156: Fur and Fury

Sunday August 23, 2020 at 9:00pm fate core, mouse guard 1156, game session notes Comments (0) »
 Mouse Guard artwork © David Petersen. Fate logo © Evil Hat Productions
Mouse Guard artwork © David Petersen. Fate logo © Evil Hat Productions

- The patrol kept an ear out for the sound of whatever was approaching, but decided not to venture out to investigate.  Whatever it was seemed to pass them by.

- The following day brought the storm Hakett had predicted, and the group holed up and waited it out.  The only incident occurred when a box turtle began making its way toward their shelter.  Nip was able to establish some very rudamentary communication with it and convinced it to look elsewhere.

- The following day, the caravan once again headed out toward Elmoss.  They decided to stop at a local wilderness homestead for wheel repairs, but found that it had been smashed and burned out.  Their investigation turned up skunk tracks and ferret fur.  The patrol discussed splitting up to go after the ferrets, but eventually decided their first duty was to the caravan.  After the wheel was repaired, they set out again for Elmoss.

- The following day as they travelled down the road, Nip noticed they were being tailed by a grey squirrel whom she though might be after the grain in their carts.  As she was relaying this information to Hakett, another squirrel burst onto the path from the right, smashing into one of the carts and tipping it over...

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