Lost Talisman: Foul Ruin

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Dungeons & Dragons 3rd Ed. logo © Wizards of the Coast

- Iris & Ivy spent the next couple of days in Helok's Ford awaiting to give their testimony in the trial of the theives they'd caught. During this time, they did look at some local records in the local temple.  They didn't find anything relating specifically to Elam Nethley, but they did find some odd discrepancies in the records around the same time.

- The two gave their testimony at the trial and remained to see what would happen.  The two theives were given a lenient sentence of hard labor.  As came to light during the trial, there were some local tensions between some of the fishermen - which the theives cited as the reason for their actions.  Some of the local authorities are looking to resolve those issue.

- The following day, Iris & Ivy left Helok's Ford heading east and south toward Laduun, planning to head to the dwarven city of Unver Gaul from there.  As they traveled across the plain, they caught site of an old ruin on a small hilltop.

- As they made their way to the site to investigate, they were attacked by a few goblins looking for food.  After fighting them off and continuing to the site, they found a collapsed tower - the basement of which was littered with various bones and pools of foul-smelling goo...

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