Lost Talisman: The Buzz in the City

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 Dungeons & Dragons 3rd Ed. logo © Wizards of the Coast
Dungeons & Dragons 3rd Ed. logo © Wizards of the Coast

- The hunting party escorted Iris & Ivy back to the Laduun Inn in the city, where they spent the remainder of the day resting.

- The following day, they spent some time getting a feel for the city and to gather some information.  It was a large, walled community tucked into the foothills at the base of a massive cliff where mines bored into the mountainside. 

- They learned that the gate leading to the tunnel road to the dwarven city Unver Gaul had been closed due to monster activity, and that one of the mines was similarly affected, causing some unrest: miners were striking and counter-striking around the issues of creatures in the Ironhold mine.  They even found a posting requesting guards to help defend those working in the mine from unknown creatures.

- The two also spoke to a local elven scholar called Elivius Thorrel who told them he had also heard the story of Elam Nethley, though the version he told was somewhat different from the legend they knew.

- As they attempted to make their way to a prominent tavern for lunch, a swarm of black bee-like creatures began pouring into the city, seemingly coming from the cliffs.

- After fighting off the blackbees, they continued to Ostra's Tavern, where Ivy caught site of a glowing gem around one patron's neck which seemed to echo a blue glow now coming from Iris' backpack...

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