Lost Talisman: Commonality

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- The man with the glowing gem - a tall warrior dressed in hides and carrying a large sword - abruptly got up and left the tavern.  Ivy pulled Iris outside and the two spotted him heading down a nearby alleyway, where he seemed to be looking quizzically at the amulet he was wearing.

- As he made his way back through the alleyway, they attempted to tail him with mixed results.  Splitting up, Ivy ended up confronted by the man who seemed somewhat suspicious and confused.  After some explanation, he seemed willing to talk to her. 

- He was currently working in the mine as a guard, but had originally come to the city hoping to travel to Unver Gaul.  He was looking for something called the Heart of Shadow that had belonged to a sorceror called Elam Nethley - apparently, there was a prophecy in his home village in a neighboring kingdom that that artifact would soon cause widespread districution in the area.  He had also been given a gem by a man that mysteriously appeared in his camp one night.  He agreed to meet them later to talk more.

- After meeting back up, Iris & Ivy decided to look into an advertisement they had seen about a shop called "Delna's Enchantments".  The proprietor of the establishment clearly had some measure of elven blood herself, and seemed quite eager to serve them - giving them a significant discount on her services.  She was able to help them indentify the properties of some magical items they had recovered from the hilltop ruin on the plain to the north.

- Ostra's tavern was every bit as crowded around the time of the evening meal, and dinner took them longer than expected.  By the time they were headed to the Cliffside Inn to meet with the man called Jass they'd spoken to earlier.  As they approached, Ivy noticed some shadows moving down onto the buildings from the cliffs - just as Iris looked up to see a long, tentacle-like claw reaching out for her...

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