Mouse Guard 1156: Uneasy Compromise

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 Mouse Guard artwork © David Petersen. Fate logo © Evil Hat Productions
Mouse Guard artwork © David Petersen. Fate logo © Evil Hat Productions

- Kole ran back to the shop to get Clove as Nip and Hakett engaged the spider and attempted to clear a path between it and the settlement's gate - eventually getting it open and letting the creature out.  After ensuring that a couple of mice who had been bitten had received treatment, Nip returned to the shop to keep an eye on things there, while Kole, Clove, and Hakett went on to find the shopkeepers brother for questioning.

- The found Vessmer, a blacksmith of sorts, in a temporary shop outside his house on the north road. He was friendly enough until he caught sight of Kole and flew into an indignant rage, accusing the latter mouse of cheating in a previous card game.  Clove and Hakett were able to subdue and calm the mouse enough to get some information out of him.  He didn't like Kole but, while he may not have been a master craftsman, he thought his work seemed adequate.

- Upon returning to the shop, the resumed their discussion with Baddisk about Kole's pay.  The shopkeeper tiredly proposed paying Kole half of what he had previously agreed.  Kole wasn't especially pleased with the situation, but decided he was unlikely to get any more and agreed.  Nip wrote copies of the document which each of them signed.

- Having settled the last of their commitments in Elmoss, the group set off for the Tomstead - hoping some trace of where the ferrets had gone remained...

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