Mouse Guard 1156: Problems Festering

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 Mouse Guard artwork © David Petersen. Fate logo © Evil Hat Productions
Mouse Guard artwork © David Petersen. Fate logo © Evil Hat Productions

- The Patrol entered the settlement of Copperwood and made their way to the Blue Thistle Inn.  Tom's condition had continued to deteriorate, and a faint with a nasty fall rendered him all but unconscious.  Nipp attempted to help the local doctor - a young mouse called Riley - with his care, and had the physician tend to her own wounded leg as well.  Unfortunately, Tom's wife hadn't made it to the inn, much distressing the innkeeper - her brother Bander.

- Meanwhile, Clove and Hacket met with Orpha, a captain for Copperwoods army, and discovered the largest problems currently facing the settlement were the driftwood that had dislodged from a beaver dam upstream and made the harbor and docks all but unusable, and the fact that a large and irritable snapping turtle had taken up residence a little ways downstream.

- While having dinner that evening at the Grainbarrel Tavern, they patrol met up with part of another patrol led by a mouse called Marta.  She was interested to hear about the group's encounter with the ferrets and had Nipp place the location on their map as best she could.  They had come down on Gwendolyn's request to speak with the leaders of the Copperwood army about their current strength and readiness, which they were so far evaluating as mediocre - but the efforts to clear the docks had taken most of their energies.

- The next morning, Riley was waiting for Nipp.  Tom's condition had taken a bad turn in the night and his fever began to spike again.  Riley's efforts were proving ineffective, and Nipp couldn't think of anything else to try herself.  It was then that Elsie, the inn's chambermaid, hesitantly suggested that....maybe they could seek out a mouse called Nendole.  A witch that lived in the forest north of town...

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