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 Unwritten & Myst logos/artwork © Cyan, Inc. & Inkworks Productions
Unwritten & Myst logos/artwork © Cyan, Inc. & Inkworks Productions

We began tonight's session by "finishing" characters - assigning some skills, adding a few aspects, etc.  There are still some blank spots on the sheets, but in the interest of actually playing a little we decided to leave them for now.



- Norman was in a shared study area of the Guild of Cartographer's offices in Tokotah I.  He had been writting a dull report on a recent excursion to a further-afield area of the Age of Miristenn - which unfortunately hadn't produced anything exciting - when he was interrupted by Stephen Tviet, one of the Guild explorers.  Stephen knew something about his search for the "giants" some D'ni records had suggested may have existed somewhere in the Ages, and had heard Norman's "low gravity" theory that may have made their existence possible.  It was due to this specific detail that he was there, excitedly relaying some news to Norman about a new Linking Book the Guild of Archivists had just sent for survey.  Only an initial team had so far been sent through, but one of the things they noted about this new Age was its the low gravity - just over .4g.  Stephen had thought Norman might want to talk to one of the Guild leaders about getting "first crack" at examining the new Age.

- Norman assembled the others in his "team" and the 4 of them made their way to Tokotah I early the next morning where they met a Guild representative that gave them a linking book to "Q" (a quarantine location in Ae'gura), a couple of blank linking books should they be needed, and led them the linking book to the Age of Er'cana.

- They had only just linked through when they caught sight of a man dart out of the hut that was the linking point - with a large book under his left arm...


GM's Note:

It was getting late and I really wanted to leave this session with the group seeing the unexpected person with the book running away from the linking point, mostly in order to create interest and excitement as the game had barely started.  For this reason, I played with the timeline a bit.  At the beginning of next session, we're going to go back and fill in some details between Stephen's tip and actually linking to the Age including their discussion with the Guild leader Thomas Acklesen to determine the conditions of their access to the Age, to see if they're able to talk with Loren Granville about her field notes on the initial survey, and any preparations they want to make for the excursion.  In addition, they decided they were taking another individual with them, so we'll talk about who that is.  Then we'll jump back into the current situation and what they want to do from here...

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