Unwritten: Metal and Machines

Tuesday September 7, 2021 at 8:30pm unwritten, game session notes Comments (0) »
 Unwritten & Myst logos/artwork © Cyan, Inc. & Inkworks Productions
Unwritten & Myst logos/artwork © Cyan, Inc. & Inkworks Productions

- The group descended into the metal structure to investigate, seeking a way out into the jungle - or to possibly determine whether that was adviseable, as the spikes on the surrounding walls have them reason to think maybe there was something...bad...out there.

- On the top floor they found some offices, bunk rooms, and equipment/gear storage.  Some written records suggested production and/or mining facilities were housed within the structure, and spoke in general terms about the state of the ongoing project.

- Below this level, they found a large production floor that contained machinery that was apparently used to produce small, pill-like pellets.  They found a few kegs of these pellets in one corner - one of them had been torn open and its contents spilled across the floor.  Strangely, some of the pellets glowed with a faint orange light.  On this floor they also found the locked door to a corner office and a pair of heavy, metal, double doors leading outside.  These doors were accompanied by bold warnings about venturing outside, citing dangerous fauna and possibly other, unknown perils.  Coming to the conclusion that no one else would likely be going after the linking book that had fallen into the jungle, they decided to make a note in their reports but to leave it for now.

- The corner office turned out to be secured by a D'ni puzzle-lock, and while Kat and Ries examined it, Norm and Kenta decided to look at what was below them in the 'basement' of the structure.  There, they found something of a strip-mining operation that seemed to be extracting electrically-charged crystals from underground - and heard something moving around in the darkness.

- Unable to solve the puzzle lock at the present time, the group decided to return to the canopy above and investigate further.  As they emerged from the metal building, they heard a buzzing sound approaching from the west...

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