Unwritten: Of Past And Present

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 Unwritten & Myst logos/artwork © Cyan, Inc. & Inkworks Productions
Unwritten & Myst logos/artwork © Cyan, Inc. & Inkworks Productions

- Identifying the buzzing sound as a swarm of approaching insects, the group hurried back into the canopy and took shelter in one of the larger hut structures.  From there, they were able to see the thousands of 6" insects swarm over the area, eating the edges from the tree leaves while the large blue birds preyed upon a few of their number.

- Once the swarm moved on, the group emerged and discussed what their plan should be now that the initial distractions were fading.  The group set about learning what they could from what they could find: Norman decided to dig through the D'ni documents looking for any mentioning of known threats to include in his report.  Kathleen decided she would look through what written records she could find in search of the purpose of this Age and what the D'ni were doing here.  Kenta set aboutt exploring the surrounding area, trying to get some sense or scope of the complex.  Reis began conducting some experiments in an effort to learn something about the massive trees populating the Age's jungle.

- For his efforts, Norm was able to find references to the "Vorr Cats" - a large and hyper-aggressive predatory species inhabiting the jungle floor that seemed to be the primary reason for the canopy dwellings as well as the bunker-like nature of the ground structure(s).  The swarming insects - called Dravax - were not regarded as a particular threat, though they were capable of biting.  Sitings of a massive bird that flies above the canopy were concerning, but no direct interaction was recorded.  Interestingly, Norm found some records indicating that the fruit of the trees was toxic to the D'ni as well.

- Kat was able to discover that the Age of Er'cana, like its sister ages Er'duna and Er'jerah, was constructed as a food-production Age.  Unlike those ages, however, the complex the operation here is much smaller (compatively) and specifically dedicated to the production of high-nutrition/calorie pill-like pellets that could sustain a D'ni individual and requiring very little space or weight.  The pellets were being made from the fruit of the gigantic "Talithus" trees, as well as some other components including a tree-top fern and the carapace of some subterrenean grubs.

- Reis discovered a few interesting properties of the trees relating to their gel-like interior, as well as their interesting relationship with a certain kind of luminous vine that grew upon them.

- Kenta found that the nearby huts showed evidence of having been searched by someone else fairly recently, but did not bear any further evidence of habitation.  The following day, he descended to the long catwalks and decided first to follow them eastward.  He discovered some additional bunker-like ground structures - these were smaller and round in shape - as well as some additional canopy huts.  One of the huts was located in a tight grove of trees accessed by its own spoke off the catwalk.  As Kenta approached to get a closer look, he noticed light coming from one of the structure's windows...

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