Unwritten: Shadows in the Night

Tuesday October 5, 2021 at 8:30pm unwritten, game session notes Comments (0) »
 Unwritten & Myst logos/artwork © Cyan, Inc. & Inkworks Productions
Unwritten & Myst logos/artwork © Cyan, Inc. & Inkworks Productions

- While Norman, Kathleen, and Reis were finishing up their studies for the day, Kenta was attempting to gain entry to the hut with the light.  While he was investigating the trap door on the underside of the hut, he heard the unmistakable sound of a link, and began to hear footsteps and voices in the room above.  The two voices seemed to be arguing about a few things, and Kenta heard some references to "others" he interpreted to be himself and his companions.

- Kenta told the others about what he had overheard when he returned to the canopy area they'd linked into.  Believing the unknown people also in the Age might be after the book Kenta had taken from the man they'd seen when they first arrived, Kat decided to hide the book in her sleeping bag before they went to sleep.  She was awakened by creaking sounds outside sometime during the night.  She quietly roused the others, and the group of them were ready when a figure attempted to enter the hut they were sleeping in.  Kat shone her flashlight at the intruder, and the bright light temporarily blinded everyone.  The figure gasped and ran - with Norm and Kenta chasing it in the dark.

- Down on the catwalk, as Kenta and Norm began to catch her, the woman who'd intruded on their hut spun around and began frantically shouting at Kenta to stop his pursuit and leave.  As Norm caught up to the two, he found Kenta standing about 35 feet from a dark shadow, only slighly illuminated by a red tactical light, and caught the steel glint of a revolver pointed at them...

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