Unwritten: Promise

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 Unwritten & Myst logos/artwork © Cyan, Inc. & Inkworks Productions
Unwritten & Myst logos/artwork © Cyan, Inc. & Inkworks Productions

- Norman managed to talk the fleeing woman down enough that some of the adrenaline of the situation began to wear off.  Unfortunately, in the process, her attitude shifted from one of fear to something more like anger.  She accused Norman and Kenta of stealing a book from her and her companions and told them she'd come to retrieve it, even offering them a substantial sum of money in exchange for its return.  When an agreement didn't appear to be immediately forthcoming, she retreated down the catwalk into the jungle, promising to return with an "offer".

- The group discussed this turn of events for a while the next morning, but ultimately decided to continue their investigation of the Age as planned.  However, given the promised return of unknown persons, it was decided that Kathleen would conduct her study of the descriptive book in or near the bunker on the jungle floor, the entrance to which Norman had discovered a way to bar.  Reis decided to continue her expirementation in the canopy unless Kat raised the alarm.

- Meanwhile, Norm and Kenta travelled along the catwalk to the west.  They found one additional canopy hut above it a couple of miles away, but then nothing.  As midday passed, and they hadn't discovered where the conduits following the catwalk led, they decided to press on and prepare to spend the night away from the linking point.  Just after the sun had sunk below the horizon, the catwalk led them out of the jungle and onto a long pier protruding into a large body of saline water.  The pier had sustained some damage; near the end they found some mangled machinery and a ladder descending into a tube-like structure that led into the darkness below the water...

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