Unwritten: Sharks in the Water

Tuesday October 19, 2021 at 8:30pm unwritten, game session notes Comments (0) »
 Unwritten & Myst logos/artwork © Cyan, Inc. & Inkworks Productions
Unwritten & Myst logos/artwork © Cyan, Inc. & Inkworks Productions

- The others having not returned, Kathleen and Reis decided to stay the night in the bunk room in the fortified "bunker" structure below the canopy huts.  Meanwhile, Kenta and Norman retreated back up the catwalk into the jungle some distance - feeling a bit safer beneath the canopy than out under the open sky.

- The following morning, Norman and Kenta returned to the dock and made their way down the ladder into the copper and glass tube descending deep into the waters at the end of the pier.  At the bottom, they discovered a panel full of switches that seemed to control the sealed doorway that led into some sort of structure.

- Upon awakening, Kat and Reis decided to go back down to the puzzle-locked office they'd previously found - Kat had been looking for clues and working on a few possible solutions.  With some minor input from Reis, she was able to identify the last symbol on the dials and, after a couple more attempts, managed to get it to open.  Inside they found some detailed journals on the facility's pellet production process as well as a linking book to the Ashem'en District in the Cavern, and a strange television-like device that seemed to be viewing a far-away place.  The image showed a large chamber, a massive statue, daylight, and vines growing along the stone walls.

- After some discussion and examination of the switch panel, Norman decided that the panel indicated some kind of conversion from the D'ni distance/depth measurements he'd noted etched into the tube as they had descended.  While unsure what his math was converting the distance units to, he was able to complete the conversion and enter the solution using the numbered switches.  The door clicked and slid open, exposing some rather stale air inside.

- The undersea complex was composed of circular copper and glass rooms that overlooked the ocean around them - water that was getting a bit more illuminated as the day progressed, even at this significant depth.  They found some D'ni furniture and even clothing remarkably well preserved, as well as a common area that seemed to be something of a study room, containing padded chairs, desks, and numerous journals.  Kenta's attention, however, was captured by the flashing purple eyes of an enormous eel-like shark just outside the glass bubble.

- Having discovered all they could in the bunker, Kat and Reis emerged, discussing plans for the day.  It wasn't until the man spoke that they became aware of his approach.  Approaching form the catwalk to the east of their position were a man and a woman, neither of whom were immediately recognizable, but Kat was pretty sure she knew who they were.  The man was saying he had a "proposition" for them, and the woman was carrying a large, hard-bound book under her left arm...

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