Altea's Scepter: A Buried Power

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 Dungeons and Dragons logo © Wizards of the Coast. Temple ruin artwork © Wanxing Wang
Dungeons and Dragons logo © Wizards of the Coast. Temple ruin artwork © Wanxing Wang

- The group returned to the main level of the temple ruin and ascended the stairs up to the lofted priests quarters.  Their search didn't turn up much and was interrupted by some of the smaller spiders from outside coming to investigate, but they did manage to find a rusted key ring containing a key that opened the crypt below.  Rocky had climbed a ladder up to something like an old bell tower from which he saw the form of an enormous red dragon perched on the cliffs some miles to the west.

- In the crypt below they found rows of shelves with skeletons laid out upon them.  At the far end however, they found an odd tiefling-like statue holding a metal chest with the inscription in infernal reading "None shall weild this foresaken power".

- Upon prying the chest free, a number of the skeletons got up and began attacking them.  While Ari and Rocky fought them off, Hope found the key to the chest on the keyring and  opened it.  Inside she found a 6" long rod that looked to be broken off of something.  It seemed to be made of gold and a silvery metal and decorated with diamonds and glowing yellow gems.

- The group fought their way out of the crypt and left the temple ruin, continuing on toward the town of Braydon Point.  They spoke with the priests at the temple of Pelor, asking questions about the ruin they'd found.  They also mentioned the dragon and discovered that the town knew of it.  The dragon was called Keldrexa, and she had apparently plagued the town for some generations but had been absent for long enough that the locals were hoping she was gone for good.

- After alerting the authorities to the dragon's return, the group proceeded to the home of an elf called Midrus who owned something of a library.  There they were able to discover a bit more about the lost city of Del'Celestine, the angelic queen Altea the Graceful, her daughter Marcella, the fall of the city in a great war, and a little more about the legend of Altea's Scepter: specifically that it was made of gold, platinum, diamonds, and glowing yellow sapphires - and that upon Altea's death, it broke into pieces that were then given to the high priests of the three great temples.

- As they studied late into the night, they were disturbed by sounds of commotion outside - and the distant roar of a dragon...

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