Altea's Scepter: An Ancient Ruler

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 Dungeons and Dragons logo © Wizards of the Coast. Temple ruin artwork © Wanxing Wang
Dungeons and Dragons logo © Wizards of the Coast. Temple ruin artwork © Wanxing Wang

- The group ran outside and made their way toward the center of town, where the most commotion was coming from.  They didn't intend to engage the dragon, but did want to see more specifically what was going on.

- In the center of town, the massive dragon paced back and forth within the town square, bellowing threats and burning the surrounding buildings with her firey breath.  She was demanding the people bring her their treasure - and was apparently dissatisfied with what they produced.  Ari was able to hear some of her draconic mutterings and discovered that she seemed to be debating whether to destroy the town or let it prosper so that she could plunder any wealth it gained.  She also seemed to be concerned that it might somehow ally with someone or something she named as "Vuldas".  Ultimately, the dragon took what was offerend and departed - warning that the town had better muster a more satisfactory tribute the next time she returns.

- The following morning, the three were "asked" to accompany a pair of guards to the slightly-singed town hall to speak with some of the lords gathered there.  An abrasive middle-aged woman present was ranting about how the militia should be called upon to fight the dragon and even accused the party of leading it to the town.  Minister Gillyn asked them for more details on their initial sighting of the dragon and whether they knew anything else about it, but they could offer little.

- From there, they made their way to the Smiling Griffin tavern to try to find a huntsman called Sevren.  They had to wait around a while, but he eventually did arrive.  He was able to tell them of several ruin sites in the area - including the vault-like "Stonehall" in the mountains, and an overgrown stone courtyard he called the "Grand Avenue".  The latter caught their attention particularly due to his mentioning of a tiefling-like statue it its center.

- After acquiring specific directions, the party set out for the Grand Avenue ruin to investigate.  As they neared the site, they were attacked by a trio of gricks, which they fought off without much trouble.  At the site of the ruin, they found the an over grown street and surrounding columns made of the familiar white stone, but noticed that the tiefling statue was not composed of the same material.  An inscription at the statue's base read "Our Indominable Lady, Queen Marcella"...

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