Altea's Scepter: An Unfortunate Turn

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 Dungeons and Dragons logo © Wizards of the Coast. Temple ruin artwork © Wanxing Wang
Dungeons and Dragons logo © Wizards of the Coast. Temple ruin artwork © Wanxing Wang

- Realizing that the woman who was the werewolf may be unaware of her actions, Rocky decided to attempt to subdue the beast instead of killing it.  The resulting struggle alerted the innkeeper, who eventually helped Rock tie up the creature.  The innkeeper was quite distressed to hear that one of his staff was a monster and decided to go fetch one of the priests.  Returning a short time later, the group of them discussed what should be done until daylight came and the poor woman reverted to her normal form. Rocky returned to Midrus' library and told the others about what happened.

- The group then took the pin the hag had given them - which they had determined was a "hag eye" - to the minister.  They cautioned him that it was given to them by a green hag who may be able to see and possibly hear through the gem.  They suggested he not put it where it might give away something important and perhaps they should surrender it to the dragon when it returns.  The minister seemed somewhat hesitant to take the item until he saw it, at which point Hope noticed a covetous glint in his eye - along with a subtle sparkle that might have been a magical effect.  When the group tried to warn a clerk about the minister's apparent "attachment", the clerk stormed into the office, loudly claiming bewitchment on the part of the party - particularly Hope, the tiefling.

- The party took their leave, deciding to return to the Smiling Griffin to speak again with Sevren.  They had to wait around for him well into the evening, durning which time they were approached by an intoxicated quarry worker who told them he heard a howling sound coming from inside the caves.  When Sevren did arrive, he was concerned about Rocky's report of a werewolf and went to speak with the Innkeeper.  On the way, the party got directions from him to the overgrown graveyard he'd mentioned - believing the site might be related to one of the temples.

- The next day, the party decided to return to the 'grand avenue' ruin and speak with the hag again.  The creature did answer some of their questions, telling them among other things that the last queen, Marcella, had intentionally destroyed Altea's Scepter and had her priests seal the pieces away. 

- They were trying to get more information out of her when Ari mentioned Vuldas' name, whereupon the hag became agitated and paranoid.  She turned on Hope, accusing her of seeking Vuldas out, and ranting that she would not be replaced.  It was then that the hag commanded her ogres to attack...

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