Cyrran Reaches: Obstruction

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 Dungeons & Dragons artwork © Wizards of the Coast 
Dungeons & Dragons artwork © Wizards of the Coast 

- Before Lily and Ravina could attempt to withdraw, they found themselves under attack by a monstrous crab creature.  Their struggle with it apparently alerted local sentries which soon descended upon them.  They nearly managed to escape through the use of invisiblity magic, but weren't able to get quite far enough away before it wore off.  Lily spoke with the merfolk captain and an elven "ambassador", eventually agreeing to accompany them to the merfolk city and speak with the priestess there regarding their presense and intentions.  Fortunately, the priestess did not seem to be overly suspicious of them.  The two spent some time speaking with the elven ambassador about ways of reaching Osada Reil before returning to the surface.

- While Taryn, Tyrrox, and Kael awaited their companions return, they witnessed and impossibly huge bear emerge from the forest some distance away from them, surrounded by dozens of agitated specimens of a more normal size - a few of which attacked them on their way to join the massive creature.

- When Lily and Ravina returned, the group decided to follow the "Moonlit Path" that Lily and Kael were able to see.  After travelling along it for some time, Kael spotted a large green dragon prowling the area ahead of them, eventually settling directly on the path.  They tried to distract it, but it didn't seem to notice them.  As they approached, the dragon became obviously aggressive - setting fire to the forest around them - but did not speak.  Lily suspected that the dragon might actually be an illusion, and decided to approach it directly.  The dragon image immediately attacked Lily - but since it was, in fact, illusory, nothing actually happened.  Tyrrox and Kael, however, not yet able to see through the illusion, saw Lily horribly mangled and began attacking the figment.  As the battle unfolded, all eventually became aware of the dragon's artificial nature, and continued down the path.

- A while later, they came upon a section of the path that had been obstructed with magically animated vines.  Ravina cast a spell to break the enchantment on the vines, but a number of lumbering earthen creatures emerged from the ground around them.  As some of them hacked their way through the now-inanimate mines, others fought off the shambling mounds lashing them with vine-like tendrils. 

- When the last was destroyed and crumbled into earth and rock, the group continued onward...

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