Cyrran Reaches: Forbidden Door pt. III

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 Dungeons & Dragons artwork © Wizards of the Coast 
Dungeons & Dragons artwork © Wizards of the Coast 

- The group retreated from the opening onto the broken bridge in an effort to avoid the notice of whatever was lurking outside.  Quietly, they investigated the stairway up and found that it dead-ended in a room with some sort of rift or portal into some abyssal plane.  They also found two adjoining rooms - one which contained a few dretches devouring some rotting flesh, and another that was little more than a hole through the complex into lower levels.

- As they were doing so, they heard the sounds of other demons approaching from the corridor through which they'd come.  The portal/rift vomitted a number of dretches down the stairs just as a group of babau rushed into the room.  The PCs ducked into the nearby rooms as the bebelith outside entered from the bridge doorway and began attacking the other demons, chasing them down the corridor.

- The PCs emerged when all ways quiet and devised a plan for crossing the chasm where the bridge was broken.  Lily summoned a celestial hippogriff which began flying the PCs across the gap.  Unfortunately, it also attracted the attention of a pair of vrocks which were flying through the currents outside.  The PCs fought off the vrocks as best they could, but the already-injured Kael was KO'd by one of the vrocks who then hurled him out and into the void.

- The other PCs fled into the structure on the other side, and began making their way along the path down into the wall-city area of the ruin - unsure of what they could possibly do to save Kael or recover his body.

- They eventually found a place far enough from the main thoroughfares in the wall-city to rest.  Afterward, they made their down the road-like corridors toward the mines below where the door was supposed to be.

- Several hours later, they finally saw it: a massive bronze door set into the deep rock.  It sat on a ledge above a deep gash of a mine descending into the darkness below.  On the ledge were a number of shadowy figures, some seeming to be arranged in a circle around glowing or burning sigils in on the ground.  Others of which seemed obviously demonic.  Floating before the door was a pulsing, purplish glyph and a whisp of blackness it seemed to be pulling through the metal door.  As the glyph shimmered, tremors rippled through the stone of the city...

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