Nettlewood: Trouble in the Forest

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 Dungeons & Dragons logo © Wizards of the Coast. Forest Village artwork © Kimmo Kaunela
Dungeons & Dragons logo © Wizards of the Coast. Forest Village artwork © Kimmo Kaunela

- The following day, Tenlo's parents asked him to go and see Mr. Applewood, the local healer/apothecary to make sure his wound would heal properly.  Knowing Ithicca was something of an apprentice to Mr. Applewood, he came to ask her to show him the way to Applewood's cottage in the woods - and Varant decided to come along.

- Ithicca took him along the path to the recluse's house, where they found him in the back garden apparently frustrated with the state of some of his plants.  He took the three of them inside and treated Tenlo's wound and then asked them if they would accompany him further into the forest to speak with someone called Selena.  Tenlo decided he'd better return home, but Ithicca and Varant said they would go.

- When the three of them reached a remote hilltop deep in the woods, they found a small band of kobolds holding a dryad hostage.  After fighting them off and freeing the forest guardian, Mr. Applewood introduced them to Selena.  He told her that he had been wanting Ithicca to meet her for some time, as the girl showed "great promise".  Selena embraced Ithicca and bestowed a small measure of power upon her.

- When the three of them returned to town, the told more people about the kobold threat.  Most of the villagers seemed to think the encounters had happened too far away to be of any concerned, but agreed that someone could go alert the watch in the nearby city of Granton to see if they might send a military hunting party to deal with the problem.  The twins agreed to go.

- As Ithicca and Varant were preparing to set off early the next morning, their aunt gave them a satchel with some potions and special food in it, and their friend Tenlo arrived to give them their portion of the coins they'd found in the ruin.  He also told Varant that he should join the adventurer's guild in Granton.

- Along the road to Granton, they were accosted by a starving wolf.  They briefly traded blows with it before Ithicca offered it some dried meat they'd brought along with them, which it took and then ran of into the woods.

- A short time later, they were met by a pair of bandits trying to get them to pay a "toll" for the road.  The encounter turned violent, and the twins found themselves fighting some older, tougher opponents.  With some fortune they'd managed to incapacitate one, but they were extremely worn down and still facing the other when the wolf they'd met earlier leapt from the forest onto their assailant...

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