Deadlands: Infernal

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 Deadlands logo and artwork © Pinnacle Entertainment Group
Deadlands logo and artwork © Pinnacle Entertainment Group

- While Kevin and Montana struggled to assist the town with the growing inferno, Percy found himself among the hail of now bullets frozen in time and making a deal with a man he suspected of being "the devil".  Luck was seemingly on his side, and his two-pair beat his opponent's pair of 7s.  The man made good on his promise to get Percy "out of this little scrap", and he found the bullets that had been streaking toward him deflecting with bright flashes of light - much to the horror of his assailants, who soon fled.

- Montana saw a final figure walk out of the smoke of the saloon.  The man's clothing and even some of his skin was clearly burning, but he didn't seem bothered by it. "Oh, children." Montana heard him say "the time has come at last..."  Mandrake's bellowing voice could now be heard above the howling wind as well, pronouncing condemnation on the doomed town.  More buildings caught fire, and those that had been burning began to collapsed.  Humanoid figures, covered in flames and with gaping mouths, began slowly walking out of the blazing structures - extending burning arms toward any who wandered too close.

- By this time, the streets were crowded with people fleeing the burning town.  The three did their best to help townsfolk escape to a nearby hillside where survivors were gathering.  They all knew it was too late for Grayfalls, however - fear was saturating the landscape and the town would never recover.

- Three years later, these three would happen to meet each other again in a saloon in Phoenix - along with a Miss Lily Mason, an acquaintance of Percy's from Grayfalls and whom he thought he'd seen fleeing the town the night of the fire...

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