Deadlands: Trouble in the Street

Thursday October 19, 2023 at 8:30pm deadlands, game session notes Comments (0) »
 Deadlands logo and artwork © Pinnacle Entertainment Group
Deadlands logo and artwork © Pinnacle Entertainment Group

- The following day each of them spent some time in down doing different things.  Around noon, they all happened to be on the very crowded street in front of the Palace Saloon.  A drunk from inside stumbled into Montana and immediately started a fist fight, which quickly spread through the crowd.  As it unfolded, it becamse apparrent to the PCs that something was "wrong" with the people involved - and some of the bystanders.  The fight continued until Kevin and the town marshal showed up with a pump wagon and started dousing the participants - at which point the marshal declared that Montana was under arrest for the murder of the Grayfalls marshal three years earlier.

- There was a brief standoff after which Montana agreed to go relatively quietly.  The others attempted to find a way to help, but eventually ended up back at the Palace.  As Percy had something to drink and proceeded to have a run of bad luck at cards, Lily returned to talk...

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