Salthon Plain: Appearances

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 Dungeons & Dragons logo artwork © Wizards of the Coast
Dungeons & Dragons logo artwork © Wizards of the Coast

- The decided to make their way back south to the place where they'd seen evidence of a pixie gathering, hoping that the harmless fey would be able to take them to their queen.  The forest seemed to turn against them, however, and they soon found themselves lost in the black wood.

- They eventually stumbled upon a depression containing a small, faintly-glowing, snow-covered clearing like the one they'd seen earlier, but it appeared deserted.  As they investigated, they were greeted by a single small male voice that began asking who they were and what they were doing.  As they spoke, a strange silver mirror rose from the ground - and in its reflection, they saw the approach of a tall, majestic figure in green with eyes glowing like the sun.  The pixie they'd been talking to, desperately warned them to only look on the figure through the mirror - and not to turn around to face her.

- The fey queen announced her presence and demanded to know why the intruders had come.  She continued to badger them as they explained, and seemed only concerned with securing their promise to undo the "curse" on the land caused by the "forsaken" goddess.  Once Jaydah grudgingly acknowledged their agreement, the figure vanished, along with the mirror, and the aged Kugrash immediately collapsed.  The pixie flew over to Kugrash and touched his head - at that moment, the years began to dissolve off of him and his youth was restored.

- Jaydah, thoroughly annoyed, resumed conversation with the pixie.  The pixie seemed curious about what they would do to fulfil their promise to the fey queen, but Jaydah was in no mood to humour him.  A few misleading comments and some disparaging remarks about the queen of the fey caused the pixie to lose its composure.  Its form flickered and its gender and dress suddenly changed.  She began to sulk and glower at the group and their "spoiling everything".  It was Jaydah that then realized that she was, in fact, the fey queen herself.

- The group spoke further with the now more-compliant queen, but found that she knew comparatively little about the actual problem as its origin was from beyond her forest.  She did, however, tell them that she knew of two routes into the glacier - one by way of a great fissure at its base in the deep ravine to the west, and the other by way of a deep chasm atop the glacier much further east...

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