Capellan March: Bargaining Chips pt. II

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 Battletech artwork © Harebrained Schemes, Battletech logo © Catalyst Game Labs
Battletech artwork © Harebrained Schemes, Battletech logo © Catalyst Game Labs

New Characters: Patrick & Roland

Session Highlights:

- As Isaac and Thaddeus began their conversation about which contracts to opt into, Fyodor Vostok, the commander of Vostok's Hijackers, approached and attempted to convince Isaac to sell Mjolnir's Wrath to him for 50M.  The offer was arguably low, and Isaac still had higher hopes for his budding company, so he declined - visibly irritating Vostok.

- Dresden and Nathaniel arrived and joined the conversation.  The group tried to get more info out of the Major and Hollaster about the recon mission they'd been tipped to, but had only limited success.

- They were later approached by Samuel Gallager, head of Gallager's Minutemen, who suggested they work together on one of the offered Search-And-Destroy missions.  He seemed interested in their company, and insisted Isaac tell the story of how he'd once single-handedly taken out a Battlemaster in his Hatchetman.  After some further internal discussion, they decided they'd take him up on it.

- It was a while later that they noticed the blue confirmation light on their mission slot revert to a "pending" white as Fyodor placed his bid on the previously-full mission...

Delcron 2282: The Dragon's Lair pt. I

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 Savage Worlds artwork © Pinnacle Entertainment Group
Savage Worlds artwork © Pinnacle Entertainment Group

- The group left the DCPD and split up.  Kendra, Mario, and V made their way to the Marquee District to find some high-end communicators.  The place they found, called "Comms & Bombs" was a bit lower-end for the district, but had what they were looking for.  A bit pricey, but the team walked away with 4, subtle in-ear communicators that would reach a distance of about mile through most kinds of barriers.

- Meanwhile, Sara went to the Lift District to a generic office block in response to a message she'd received.  There she met with Dr. Deidre Telns, a woman who claimed to be a part of an inter-planetary neuroscience firm called Delphi.  As they conversed, it became apparent that they were, in fact, an organization dedicated to emergent psionics.  The meeting was a little tense, and Sara remained very suspicious, however much the Dr claimed not to want anything more than to offer her organization's support in exchange for info about Sara's gifts.

- After the group reunited, they paid a visit to "Passed Gems", an antique shop buried in the Neon District.  They mentioned Marion Plaskov and, after some persistence with the shopkeepers, learned that they were associated with an organization looking to depose corrupt corporations - one of them being Proto-Nine.

- The group then returned to Kendra's shop to plan their heist against P9 that night.  Using the parking pass and IDs Rory had given them, they took the elevator up from the parking garage.  On one of the lower-middle floors Kendra managed to swipe a Clearance 2 keycard from a worker who had fallen asleep at his desk, getting them up to floor 64.  They managed to get inside one of the manager's offices on that floor, ducking the patrolling Bluestar security guard.  While V tried to learn what he could from the computer system, they heard the guard's radio go off just outside and the announcement it made - apparently, they'd aroused some suspicion...

- +2xp

Cyrran Reaches: Old Haunts

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 Dungeons & Dragons artwork © Wizards of the Coast 
Dungeons & Dragons artwork © Wizards of the Coast 

- The party regrouped and decided they would make their way back to Rolessi.  Figuring that Igveston was on the way back to the larger city, the decided to stop in and have a drink at the Laughing Jack - and to take a look around to see if there were any further signs of disturbance there.

- They spent some time talking with Jack about recent goings on, and learned that overall things were calmer than they had been.  Taryn asked Jack about some divine "issues", Kael danced to the amateur musician playing that evening, Ravina played cards with some locals, Tyrrox met up with some old buddies from the Briglau House Guard, and Lily made her way to the Magus Academy to check in on Valthious.

- Despite the overall urgency of their present situation, the group realized they were all pretty tired (and that Kael was pretty drunk) and so decided to go ahead and stay the night in Igveston and head home in the morning.  That night, Taryn once more found himself in a dream he's been having more and more frequently - a revisiting of the afterlife...

Capellan March: Bargaining Chips pt. I

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 Battletech artwork © Harebrained Schemes, Battletech logo © Catalyst Game Labs
Battletech artwork © Harebrained Schemes, Battletech logo © Catalyst Game Labs

System: Battletech / Mechwarrior Basic 2e

Setting: The Capellan March, Inner Sphere

Players: Tim, Adam

Schedule: Occasional Thursdays


Session Highlights:

- Mjolnir's Wrath was invited by their contact, Lt. James Hollaster, to a sort of "contract party" hosted in the Fortymile system.  The AFFS was apparently planning a military campaign that was going to make significant use of merc units, and a number of the best in the region were present in the large hotel conference hall.

- The officiating major welcomed the various units and presented 8 potential contract offers with few details for which they could offer their services, including planetary assault, search & destroy, and reconnaissance.  The evening was to be spent in negotiations and socializing over horderves, dinner, and champagne.  Hollaster had privately suggested they take one of the low-paying recon missions, but his motives are not precisely clear and something with a bit more cash and action seems more attractive...

Delcron 2282: Take It And Run

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 Savage Worlds artwork © Pinnacle Entertainment Group
Savage Worlds artwork © Pinnacle Entertainment Group

- The group found themselves under attack by mystery agents - presumably tied to the RVR corporation.  Hotel Bluestar security arrived on the scene shortly after, but the chaos of the situation was already out of hand.  The group managed to fight off the attackers and escape before more Bluestar arrived on-scene.

- Having obtained the data from the designated contact, V made the swap with K-Method for info on "Justin Mills".  The alias was apparently being used by a corporate mercenary and assassin by the name of Victor Malstrik who seemed to be hired by a defunct corporation called Aethercorp.

- The group received a message from the DCPD on behalf of Marrion Plaskov, who had requested to speak with them.  Their conversation didn't make much sense, but he did slip them a business card for an antique shop in the Neon district with the word "Watchful" hand-written on the back.

- V got a message from Rory offering a job.  He apparently needed whatever was in the case Victor had taken, and is offering the group 60k to swipe another from the upper levels of the Proto-Nine headquarters...

- +2xp

Burninating the Game Night

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Burninating the Game Night Image

Homestar Decemberween IOUs

Knowing I'm an old HSR fan, my buddy Tony got me the Trogdor Board Game for Christmas last year - well, he'd backed the kickstarter anyway, and told me he was giving me the game when it shipped.

And it did!  Eventually.  When it came in a month or so ago, he hurried over to my house with it.  We took a look and the humorous contents and read the hilarious rulebook, but we didn't have time to play...

...until last night!


Some Good, Old-Fashioned Burninating

While the game's flavor definitely plays for ridiculous laughs, the actual game-play is pretty solid.  The basic mechanics are a tug-of-war-style back-and-forth on your health and the tiles that make up the game board.  The game is co-op (which I love), and the players take turns moving Trogdor around the board, burninating the countryside (tiles), peasants, and finally, thatch-roofed cottages.  But after each player moves the mighty, beefy-armed dragon, they'll also draw a card for the movement of the peasants, knights, and archers which can repair some of Troggy's damage - and also damage him.  You win if you can ever toast the entire board and everything on it.

The game was fun, and involves quite a bit of strategy (if you really want to think about it that hard).  The turns are generally fun and satisfying - they give you options without being overwhelming.  And they're pretty quick once you get the hang of it (unless you're agonizing over which card to play). 

In our play-through, we seemed to get pretty unlucky up-front, and by the end of the game, we were having the dragon move and hide from the knights for multiple turns before we could bring some special cards into play and burn(inate) the final cottages to win.  For an absurd game, there was quite a bit of serious discussion on what should be done each turn by the end of it, which I think speaks to some good game design. 


Our session lasted a bit over an hour, but we were figuring things out and taking it pretty seriously (the cat-and-mouse at the end drug it out some).  It probably plays a bit quicker on average.

The game plays up to 6 people, making it a good choice for slightly-larger groups (a lot of games cap at 4-5).  Mechanically, you could probably even play with up to 9 people (there are 9 Keepers and Items), but the game experience might get a little fractured in one way or another.

The printed age range is 12+, but I'm betting my 8yo could probably handle it pretty well.  While kids' strategy might be less-developed, the actual turn actions are pretty straight-forward.


Overall, I'm pretty impressed with this one and I'm sure it'll get a bit of play at our table.  BGG is giving Troggy a 7.3 at the moment, which is pretty decent - I've found anything over about 6.5 or so is at least worth a look. Iron Dragon, one of my favorites, comes in as a 7.0.

The game isn't available for retail purchase quite yet, but they're promising it soon here.


You can see Strong Bad's (musical) game overview here - and you really, really should.

Oh, and if you want to know where this madness comes from, this is it.



Delcron 2282: Exchange

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 Savage Worlds artwork © Pinnacle Entertainment Group
Savage Worlds artwork © Pinnacle Entertainment Group

- Concerned about a double-cross from Justin, the group hurried back upstairs.  There they did indeed find someone with a gun in the room with Plaskov, but it wasn't the thug - it was Rory, a former coworker V knew from his days at Proto-Nine.  V and Mario were able to talk him down enough to pass on what they knew about Justin and the case he had taken, at which point Rory bolted out of the room, apparently in pursuit.  Unsure exactly of what was going on, the group kept tabs on the room until the police arrived - just to make sure no one else came in trying to do something with their target.

- They met up with Sgt. Askara again the following morning.  She told them their pay would be on the card, but commented that there were a few details of the case that didn't make any sense.  For one, Dynamics (the primary financial corp of the city) hadn't said word one about the missing cash.  Also, they'd had an odd call from someone at Proto-Nine asking if they recovered any of the company's property when they arrested the perpetrator.

- Meanwhile, V got a response from someone within the hacker collective he'd asked to dig up info on their medic friend, Justin Mills.  The contact, a person going by the handle "K-Method", told them there were 16 records for "Justin Mills" in Delcron's personnel database, only two of which were active.  None of the 16 looked anything like the medic.  The contact said they had additional info, but if he wanted it, V was going to have to do something for them.  Namely, he needed to go to a casino in the upscale Marquee district and exchange an ID card for a data stick from a certain man.  After some discussion, the group decided they'd make the exchange. V made the card per K-Method's instructions, and the crew bought some fancy clothes and made their way to the White Stag Hotel Casino.

- While Mario made some money gambling, the others set about looking for their mark in the sprawling 4-level gaming hall - eventually finding him among a group of wealthly-looking individuals from the RVR corporation - the single most powerful corp in Delcron City.

- When V gave the man the ID card, he was given a hotel keycard and a room number instead of a datastick, and was advised to 'keep an eye on' a particular man that seemed to be watching their exchange.  The group headed into the hotel, pretty sure they were being followed, and made their way up to floor 56 which was undergoing renovations.  While the others waited in the cluttered hallway, V found a suitcase in the room containing the datastick and a silenced, high-caliber pistol with a note reading "just in case".  About that time, Kendra heard a crashing sound of something coming up behind them...

- +2xp

Cyrran Reaches: Buried In Time

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 Dungeons & Dragons artwork © Wizards of the Coast 
Dungeons & Dragons artwork © Wizards of the Coast 

- While Lily and Taryn inspected the dagger they'd found in the abbot's back, Kael, Ravina, and Tyrrox descended into the catacombs.  There they found the bodies a few orcs and hobgoblins and a number of scattered bones decorated with golden runes.

- Meanwhile, Lily and Taryn heard a banging sound which they traced to a set of large double-doors that had the familiar eye-tooth symbol painted over them.  When they called out to whatever was inside, the pair received a two-word reply: "save us".

- Scouting ahead, Kael descended to the bottom of the crypt, where he found more bodies and a group of five glowing, skeletal guardians positioned near one of the far tombs that had apparently been broken open.  The whispered chant they'd been hearing seemed to be coming from these beings.

- Taryn pulled the door open.  On the other side they found a large meeting or dining hall containing dozens or hundreds more bodies, all of it shouded in a thick, ghostly mist.  The distressed spirits of the deceased seemed trapped and confused.  Taryn and Lily performed a kind of musical 'last rites' for them, and felt the ghostly presence fade from the room.

- Having decided not to engage the skeletons without their companions, Kael, Ravina, and Tyrrox made their way back into the monestery.  After some discussion, the group decided to head to a library they'd found while searching the place.  While Lily and Taryn spent some time learning about the history of the place and the saint for whom it was named, Kael, Tyrrox, and Ravina took one of the volumes recording who was interred into the catacombs and returned to them, trying to determine who might be buried in the far tomb.  As they examined the grave sites, they heard growing whispers and something scraping against the stone drawing near...

Cyrran Reaches: All Must Burn

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 Dungeons & Dragons artwork © Wizards of the Coast 
Dungeons & Dragons artwork © Wizards of the Coast 

- Standing over Lily as she climbed out of the blood pool was a massive stone giant, accusing her of the evil twisting the place.  He called down magical fire upon her as well as the ghosts and bodies, banishing the corrupted spectres and sending Lily diving for cover. 

- Ravina and Kael made their way back to the courtyard to see if they could find Lily.  Taryn and Tyrrox were still upstairs in the abbot's chambers when his ghost appeared - unmoving and floating over his body slumped over his desk.  They spoke to it and it answered, but they couldn't understand it.  When it made no aggressive move, they looked at the dagger in his back, noting that it bore a symbol of Many Eyes, Many Teeth.

Back in the courtyard, Lily attempted to convince the giant that she and her friends were not responsible for the state of the place as he pressed his attacks - eventually convincing him to stop.  After a final threat, he and the two other giants that arrived began burning the blood and bodies - turning the entire courtyard into an inferno.

- Once the fire burned out and the giants left, the group discussed what they had seen and tried to piece together what happened here.  Making their way to the broken-down door leading into the catacombs beneath the monestary, Lily heard a voice echoing up from it: "The sacred ground has been broken, and now the living must return to it."

Delcron 2282: Cornered

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 Savage Worlds artwork © Pinnacle Entertainment Group
Savage Worlds artwork © Pinnacle Entertainment Group

- The group made their way to the Gale-James Hotel and set about trying to figure out whether Plaskov was there and where he might be.  They ended up running into Justin Mills - the medic from the previous night - and learned that he was actually after Plaskov too: not for the man himself, but for something he had apparently stolen.  Some sort of tech his "clients" wished to recover.

- They'd figured out a likely floor, and after their discussion with Justin, decided they'd just go room-by-room, with a skeleton-keycard V had made from a room key lifted from one of the guests, until they found him.  Sara's empathy gave them a clue, and they found Plaskov, apparently passed out drunk on his hotel bed.  They bound him with ducttape and found the combination to the room safe.  Inside was a bunch of cash, and the case Justin had been looking for, which he took and left.

- Not sure how they'd get Plaskov out of the hotel without raising a LOT of suspicion, they decided they'd tell their police contact where he was and just let them pick him up.  While Sara was downstairs sending the message from the hotel's PostTerm, she saw Justin Mills have a brief exchange with another man as he was walking out - a man that happened to be one of the bikers from the night before - the one who'd shot Mario... 

- +2xp

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