Cyrran Reaches: Forbidden Door pt. II

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 Dungeons & Dragons artwork © Wizards of the Coast 
Dungeons & Dragons artwork © Wizards of the Coast 

- After regrouping, the party made their way through the collapsed gate into a system of partially-naturaly, partially-hewn tunnels leading into the dwarven city.  They hadn't even reached the city proper before their first demonic ambush - and they fought off several more as they made their way into the ruins.

- After clearing the first few chambers, they party had a brief discussion with the elves that had accompanied them about which way to decend.  The options were to go through the heart of the city, taking the mechanical lifts which *might* still be functional from when they'd repaired them years earlier, or to head around the outskirts to the far cavern wall and descend through that area of the city.  The former would likely encounter heavier resistance, but the latter would take several times as long.  Ultimately, the group decided on caution over speed, and made their way to the far end.

- As they made their way, they found their progress halted by a bridge with a 20' gap just outside a large chamber with a crumbling stair from the top of which came a bright orange glow and a discernable heat.  From outside, they could hear a scraping sound approaching...

Cyrran Reaches: Night Coven's Curse

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 Dungeons & Dragons artwork © Wizards of the Coast 
Dungeons & Dragons artwork © Wizards of the Coast 

- Kael returned to the rest of the group to report what he'd seen at the end of the mountain road.  As the group approached, they were halted by the three old women who frantically warned them to leave before attacking them with teeth and magic.

- The group engaged the hags, but soon discovered something odd about them: they didn't seem to be "living" exactly, but nor were they undead - more like constructs of some kind.  When killed, they tended to fall into pieces.

- When the hags were incapacitated, the group looked around - quickly finding the crevice that would allow them entrance into the mountain had been obstructed with small rocks.  As they began clearing it, a magical darkness suddenly descended on the mountainside and voices began speaking.

- The group now found themselves isolated in the darkness and engaging a coven of night hags.  Lily and Taryn were ferociously assaulted by one whose head and hands were covered in fire.  Kael and the elves found their way to the fat one who was distressed at the distruction of her "dolls" and was trying to mend them.  Tyrrox and Ravina found themselves attacked by shadowy creatures in the dark.

- When Kael killed the fat hag, the encounter took a turn.  The haze in the darkness clearned, and they could all clearly see the tall, thin hag who'd been keeping to the edges of the fray.  Enraged, she began to disappate - bestowing a dying curse upon the group for the death of her sister...

Cyrran Reaches: Forbidden Door pt. I

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 Dungeons & Dragons artwork © Wizards of the Coast 
Dungeons & Dragons artwork © Wizards of the Coast 

- As the group began to speak with the elves that had approach their table, they found themselves suddenly assaulted by several other bar patrons.  As Kael and Tyrrox held them off with varying levels of force, Lily identified the cause of the attack as being magical compulsion and was able to employ her music to counter the effect.

- Realizing they needed somewhere more private, the elves led them to a place called the Garden of Telanthius - the magical willow-like trees of which provided shelter and soundproofing.  There, they told the group their story.  They had been friends of Kael's father, and the group of them had disturbed something in an old dwarven ruin up in the mountains - a massive bronze door that had been sealed, but that seal is now breaking.  They had assumed Kael's father had gone home, but when the PCs arrived looking for him, they feared he instead went back to the ruin, which they now believe to be crawling with demons.

- The group decided to go with the elves to the dwarven ruin.  After a couple of days travel through the wood (where they noticed signs of disease and corruption), they found themselves outside the mostly-collapsed entrance to the ruin where three grotesque old women huddled near a large cauldron dangling over a campfire...

Cyrran Reaches: HIdden City

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 Dungeons & Dragons artwork © Wizards of the Coast 
Dungeons & Dragons artwork © Wizards of the Coast 

- The group was hailed by an elven hunter called Rey Piestrann who seemed to be concerned about their presence "this deep" in the wood - telling them they were at least 4 days travel from the nearest edge of the forest.  Piestrann didn't seem to know anything about the city they were searching for, nor the "path" they were currently on, but she didn't make any move to impede their progress. After a brief conversation, they parted ways.

- As the group continued deeper into the forest, they noticed the trees getting larger but also the undergrowth becoming significantly more dense.  They continued to follow the lightes through the darkness before they finally stopped at a vine-like archway just before dawn.  As they approached, the ghostly forms of elven warriors began to appear around the path and a voice spoke to them - asking who they were and why they had come.  Lily answered for her companions and was instructed to proceed to a pool called Sum'mshar.

- Once through the archway, the group was finally able to see the city of Osada Reil, which resided in a deep canyon that plunged into the forest floor.  The tops of stone spires and great trees could be seen within it - and a few truly massive trees reached from the canyon floor far below them into the canopy over their heads.  A narrow pathway led down the ledges into the canyon.

- The group was met by a number of suspicious elves but also a few friendly faces as they made their way through the city.  Once at the pool at the far end of the city, they spoke with an elder called Kessanna Ben'Faedrus.  The elder welcomed them conditionally, and listened to their concerns about the mythical tree called Ola Tannanum as well as their search for Kael's father.  While she did not remember Kael's father specifically, she did recall hearing the stories about how Baness Cer'd'nye and he were said to have seen it - and seemed more open than most to the possibility that the tale was true.  She also told them that, while she could not verify the tree's reality, she had sensed an unusual sort of corruption or decay even within their city that was greatly concerning to her should it worsen.

- Making their way to a human-run inn that was somewhat more friendly to travelers, the group discussed what to do next. While they were there, a pair of elves - one of which Kael recognized as someone they met on their way into the canyon - approached them saying "We need to talk..."

Altea's Scepter: A Hostile Wood

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 Dungeons and Dragons logo © Wizards of the Coast. Temple ruin artwork © Wanxing Wang
Dungeons and Dragons logo © Wizards of the Coast. Temple ruin artwork © Wanxing Wang

- As the ogres moved forward to smash the three adventurers, Rocky moved up to stab one of them with his swords while Ari and Hope engaged it with damaging cantrip spells.  One of the ogres reacted to the party's use of magic by pulling a wand from its bag and attempting to use it on them, with no success.  The other two ogres took turns clubbing Rocky, eventually knocking him unconscious, but not before taking significant injury themselves.  When one of the ogres collapsed, the other two decided to run away.

- After a short rest and recovery, the group decided they would make their way to the graveyard site Sevren had told them about.  Heading northwest through the forest as evening settled in, they happened to come upon a logging camp near the edge of the Harkenwood.  They enjoyed some stew and conversation before resting for the night.

- The next morning, they were approached by the foreman of the logging operation.  She told them that one of the woodcutters had gone missing last night and hadn't returned, and while she believed he was probably just passed out under a tree somewhere, she asked if they might look into it.

- Rocky tracked signs of passage north from where he was last seen, eventually discovering a man's boot that had some blood on it, and a large hunting knife with a green, sap-like substance on the blade.  He told the others that there were Blights around, and that he suspected they must have abducted the missing woodcutter.

- The group followed the trail deep into a dark ravine where they found a man wrapped in vines and calling for help - and a number of vine covered creatures emerging from the wood around them...

Cyrran Reaches: Obstruction

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 Dungeons & Dragons artwork © Wizards of the Coast 
Dungeons & Dragons artwork © Wizards of the Coast 

- Before Lily and Ravina could attempt to withdraw, they found themselves under attack by a monstrous crab creature.  Their struggle with it apparently alerted local sentries which soon descended upon them.  They nearly managed to escape through the use of invisiblity magic, but weren't able to get quite far enough away before it wore off.  Lily spoke with the merfolk captain and an elven "ambassador", eventually agreeing to accompany them to the merfolk city and speak with the priestess there regarding their presense and intentions.  Fortunately, the priestess did not seem to be overly suspicious of them.  The two spent some time speaking with the elven ambassador about ways of reaching Osada Reil before returning to the surface.

- While Taryn, Tyrrox, and Kael awaited their companions return, they witnessed and impossibly huge bear emerge from the forest some distance away from them, surrounded by dozens of agitated specimens of a more normal size - a few of which attacked them on their way to join the massive creature.

- When Lily and Ravina returned, the group decided to follow the "Moonlit Path" that Lily and Kael were able to see.  After travelling along it for some time, Kael spotted a large green dragon prowling the area ahead of them, eventually settling directly on the path.  They tried to distract it, but it didn't seem to notice them.  As they approached, the dragon became obviously aggressive - setting fire to the forest around them - but did not speak.  Lily suspected that the dragon might actually be an illusion, and decided to approach it directly.  The dragon image immediately attacked Lily - but since it was, in fact, illusory, nothing actually happened.  Tyrrox and Kael, however, not yet able to see through the illusion, saw Lily horribly mangled and began attacking the figment.  As the battle unfolded, all eventually became aware of the dragon's artificial nature, and continued down the path.

- A while later, they came upon a section of the path that had been obstructed with magically animated vines.  Ravina cast a spell to break the enchantment on the vines, but a number of lumbering earthen creatures emerged from the ground around them.  As some of them hacked their way through the now-inanimate mines, others fought off the shambling mounds lashing them with vine-like tendrils. 

- When the last was destroyed and crumbled into earth and rock, the group continued onward...

Altea's Scepter: An Unfortunate Turn

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 Dungeons and Dragons logo © Wizards of the Coast. Temple ruin artwork © Wanxing Wang
Dungeons and Dragons logo © Wizards of the Coast. Temple ruin artwork © Wanxing Wang

- Realizing that the woman who was the werewolf may be unaware of her actions, Rocky decided to attempt to subdue the beast instead of killing it.  The resulting struggle alerted the innkeeper, who eventually helped Rock tie up the creature.  The innkeeper was quite distressed to hear that one of his staff was a monster and decided to go fetch one of the priests.  Returning a short time later, the group of them discussed what should be done until daylight came and the poor woman reverted to her normal form. Rocky returned to Midrus' library and told the others about what happened.

- The group then took the pin the hag had given them - which they had determined was a "hag eye" - to the minister.  They cautioned him that it was given to them by a green hag who may be able to see and possibly hear through the gem.  They suggested he not put it where it might give away something important and perhaps they should surrender it to the dragon when it returns.  The minister seemed somewhat hesitant to take the item until he saw it, at which point Hope noticed a covetous glint in his eye - along with a subtle sparkle that might have been a magical effect.  When the group tried to warn a clerk about the minister's apparent "attachment", the clerk stormed into the office, loudly claiming bewitchment on the part of the party - particularly Hope, the tiefling.

- The party took their leave, deciding to return to the Smiling Griffin to speak again with Sevren.  They had to wait around for him well into the evening, durning which time they were approached by an intoxicated quarry worker who told them he heard a howling sound coming from inside the caves.  When Sevren did arrive, he was concerned about Rocky's report of a werewolf and went to speak with the Innkeeper.  On the way, the party got directions from him to the overgrown graveyard he'd mentioned - believing the site might be related to one of the temples.

- The next day, the party decided to return to the 'grand avenue' ruin and speak with the hag again.  The creature did answer some of their questions, telling them among other things that the last queen, Marcella, had intentionally destroyed Altea's Scepter and had her priests seal the pieces away. 

- They were trying to get more information out of her when Ari mentioned Vuldas' name, whereupon the hag became agitated and paranoid.  She turned on Hope, accusing her of seeking Vuldas out, and ranting that she would not be replaced.  It was then that the hag commanded her ogres to attack...

Altea's Scepter: Things Not What They Seem

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 Dungeons and Dragons logo © Wizards of the Coast. Temple ruin artwork © Wanxing Wang
Dungeons and Dragons logo © Wizards of the Coast. Temple ruin artwork © Wanxing Wang

- The source of the cackling began engaging them in conversation, asking them questions about who they were and why they were there - and continue prodding them until they gave her a clue as to what they wanted.  As they conversed a trio of ogres casually approached the site.  It wasn't until Hope mentioned Altea and the scepter - asking if the voice knew why it had broken upon the queen's death - that the speaker appeared, revealing herself to be a hideous green hag. 

- She appeared delighted and promised them answers to their questions if they would do something for her: she wanted them to take a silver pin containing a big blue gem to Minister Gillyn, the leader of the town of Braydon Point.  The hesitantly agreed and left the site without scuffling with her or the ogres.

- Before returning to Braydon Point, the group decided to make a detour to another ruin they'd heard about: a large stone manor that was said to be mostly intact in another part of the forest.  There they found evidence of habitation, which Rocky seemed certain was a giant.

- The group investigated the inside of the stone manorhouse, finding the giant's "nest" in the entry hall, a rotten tapestry on the wall from which they could just make out a stylized rendering of an ancient, white-stone city, a locked metal door in a tower, and a few books with still-discernable passages.

- Whilte they searched, however, they heard the clattering sounds of something returning to the manor.  Hearing the commotion, Hope moved out to investigate while trying to stay hidden.  She spied a large hill giant bringing in its latest kill - a large dear - and generally rummaging around the entrance hall.  Seeing a possible means of escape through a rotten doorway at the other end of the hall, Hope inadvertently caused it to collapse, alterting the giant to their presence.  By scattering in different directions and employing some diversionary magic, the group managed to get away with a few damaged books - but without thoroughly exploring the site.

- Back at Braydon Point, the group met back up with Midrus who told them he'd found a tiny scrap of info on the entity "Vuldas" they'd mentioned to him before - apparently it was the name of a priest of Wee Jas in the service of Marcella, the last queen of Del'Celestine.  Ari then presented the books she'd found at the manor, and the group of them spent the night looking through them for discernable texts that might be of use.  The most pertinent details seemed to be passages related to the "three great temples" - one to the West, one to the East, and one to the North - each with their own role.

- Meanwhile, however, Rocky returned to the Angel's Ox Inn to get some rest.  There, he chatted with Vedsa, one of the inn staff, as the last of the evening patrons departed for the evening.  During their conversation, however, Vedsa seemed to become physically uncomfortable.  She eventually excused herself but, on the way to the kitchen door began to convulse.  When Rock got up to help her, he found himself face to face with a werewolf...

Altea's Scepter: An Ancient Ruler

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 Dungeons and Dragons logo © Wizards of the Coast. Temple ruin artwork © Wanxing Wang
Dungeons and Dragons logo © Wizards of the Coast. Temple ruin artwork © Wanxing Wang

- The group ran outside and made their way toward the center of town, where the most commotion was coming from.  They didn't intend to engage the dragon, but did want to see more specifically what was going on.

- In the center of town, the massive dragon paced back and forth within the town square, bellowing threats and burning the surrounding buildings with her firey breath.  She was demanding the people bring her their treasure - and was apparently dissatisfied with what they produced.  Ari was able to hear some of her draconic mutterings and discovered that she seemed to be debating whether to destroy the town or let it prosper so that she could plunder any wealth it gained.  She also seemed to be concerned that it might somehow ally with someone or something she named as "Vuldas".  Ultimately, the dragon took what was offerend and departed - warning that the town had better muster a more satisfactory tribute the next time she returns.

- The following morning, the three were "asked" to accompany a pair of guards to the slightly-singed town hall to speak with some of the lords gathered there.  An abrasive middle-aged woman present was ranting about how the militia should be called upon to fight the dragon and even accused the party of leading it to the town.  Minister Gillyn asked them for more details on their initial sighting of the dragon and whether they knew anything else about it, but they could offer little.

- From there, they made their way to the Smiling Griffin tavern to try to find a huntsman called Sevren.  They had to wait around a while, but he eventually did arrive.  He was able to tell them of several ruin sites in the area - including the vault-like "Stonehall" in the mountains, and an overgrown stone courtyard he called the "Grand Avenue".  The latter caught their attention particularly due to his mentioning of a tiefling-like statue it its center.

- After acquiring specific directions, the party set out for the Grand Avenue ruin to investigate.  As they neared the site, they were attacked by a trio of gricks, which they fought off without much trouble.  At the site of the ruin, they found the an over grown street and surrounding columns made of the familiar white stone, but noticed that the tiefling statue was not composed of the same material.  An inscription at the statue's base read "Our Indominable Lady, Queen Marcella"...

Altea's Scepter: A Buried Power

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 Dungeons and Dragons logo © Wizards of the Coast. Temple ruin artwork © Wanxing Wang
Dungeons and Dragons logo © Wizards of the Coast. Temple ruin artwork © Wanxing Wang

- The group returned to the main level of the temple ruin and ascended the stairs up to the lofted priests quarters.  Their search didn't turn up much and was interrupted by some of the smaller spiders from outside coming to investigate, but they did manage to find a rusted key ring containing a key that opened the crypt below.  Rocky had climbed a ladder up to something like an old bell tower from which he saw the form of an enormous red dragon perched on the cliffs some miles to the west.

- In the crypt below they found rows of shelves with skeletons laid out upon them.  At the far end however, they found an odd tiefling-like statue holding a metal chest with the inscription in infernal reading "None shall weild this foresaken power".

- Upon prying the chest free, a number of the skeletons got up and began attacking them.  While Ari and Rocky fought them off, Hope found the key to the chest on the keyring and  opened it.  Inside she found a 6" long rod that looked to be broken off of something.  It seemed to be made of gold and a silvery metal and decorated with diamonds and glowing yellow gems.

- The group fought their way out of the crypt and left the temple ruin, continuing on toward the town of Braydon Point.  They spoke with the priests at the temple of Pelor, asking questions about the ruin they'd found.  They also mentioned the dragon and discovered that the town knew of it.  The dragon was called Keldrexa, and she had apparently plagued the town for some generations but had been absent for long enough that the locals were hoping she was gone for good.

- After alerting the authorities to the dragon's return, the group proceeded to the home of an elf called Midrus who owned something of a library.  There they were able to discover a bit more about the lost city of Del'Celestine, the angelic queen Altea the Graceful, her daughter Marcella, the fall of the city in a great war, and a little more about the legend of Altea's Scepter: specifically that it was made of gold, platinum, diamonds, and glowing yellow sapphires - and that upon Altea's death, it broke into pieces that were then given to the high priests of the three great temples.

- As they studied late into the night, they were disturbed by sounds of commotion outside - and the distant roar of a dragon...

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