A Weekend in Athens Grease

Monday March 1, 2010 at 7:06pm friends, gaming, games, cell phones Comments (2) »

We had a wonderfully great time with Thes this last weekend. We got to spend the last few days hanging out, playing lots of games, occasionally engaging in large-scale nerf warfare and generally being our goofy selves. Thes really seemed to like my Mouse Guard game, and I finally got to play Agricola!

I have realized I didn't take any pictures of the festivities. Use your imagination: it basically looked like some previous meetup pics, only with fewer people. Just as much fun, though. :)

Sheri and I were very sad that she had to leave before we got up though... ...apparently Thes didn't want to wake us. We really wish she had... Alas...

So...not much is up now. I'm just hanging out, checking some facebook, writing a session-synopsis for the Mouse Guard game, watching Star Wars and contemplating some World of Darkness.

I'm also passively looking at some cell phone plan info. There has been a slight altercation relating to my work phone & personal use (which had never been a problem before). I think it amounts to a little bit of a misunderstanding and/or lack of communication. I figure it will probably be ironed out shortly, but we've been talking about maybe getting our own phone for a while anyway (for a variety of reasons)... ...and I do like the shiny iPhones...heh.


Cell Phone Addicts

Wednesday June 6, 2007 at 6:49pm cell phones Comments (0) »

I think there is a growing number of our population who spend more time talking to people who are not present than people who are. You know the ones I mean.

Earlier today I was at the little convenience store down the street. I was there getting some pepsi to ward off a Fiendish Dire Soda Shortage (you know how dangerous those can be). It was quite crowded at this particular time, and the line in the store was really long and it took about 10 minutes to get through.

The more annoying factor, however, was the woman in the line behind me. She came in a few minutes after I did, talking rather loudly (or, at least loudly for the otherwise quiet room) on her cell phone. She then proceeded to stand in line and complain the whole time to whoever was on the other end about how crowded it was and how long it was taking.

Seems we've taken the inconsiderate nature of using a cell phone in public a level further.

As I was pulling out, i saw her walk out of the store still on her cell phone.

Do these people ever put the thing down?