Theocratic Trickery

Tuesday September 11, 2007 at 12:00pm church, committees Comments (4) »

So I've been hoodwinked and hornswoggled into being the chairman of the worship committee at church. I didn't even want to be on a committee, let alone in charge of it.

Here's a paraphrase of how it all went down:

Last Month:

Toby: "Jared, can we have you start reporting to the board on what the worship committee talks about?"

Me: "Uhm, I guess so. Just tell you what they talked about or decided?"

Toby: "Yeah, that's it."


Nancy: "So who's the chairman of our committee?"

Toby: "Jared is."

Me: "Who what now? When did this happen?"

Toby: "Last month."

Me: "All I said was that I would tell you what they talked about."

Toby: "That makes you chairman."

Me: "You sir, are lawful evil."

In all honesty, I did kind of see it coming. I mean, Toby got me to be a deacon in much the same way. Still, my modus operandi dictates that, until something is explicitly stated, I don't act on/with it.

So yeah, my involvement in the church leadership continues to expand. That's pretty hilarious.