Wand of the Deep: Aliens, Witches, Bees, and Books

 No Thank You Evil artwork © Monte Cook Games
No Thank You Evil artwork © Monte Cook Games

Session Characters:

- Hannah: Wizard ("Star")

- Micah: Robot

- Sheri: Spy



- Upon emerging from Marlin's Tower, they saw a bright red boad approaching the dock - empty apart from the pelican they'd seen earlier perched on it.  Star and Sheri got into the boat, while Micah jumped into the water and walked to shore on the seabed.

- The group proceeded through the forest of Into the Closet until they reached the Braggy Crags.  About halfway through, they started to hear cries for help above the boastful voices of the crags.  They found an alien creature being captured by a trio of Sawtooth Witches and Buglar guards.  After a bit of sneaking and pummeling of the guards, the group freed the alien Gronk, for which he thanked them.

- The group finally reached The Hive sometime later, and talked/threatened their way inside to see Woodlyn, the bee queen.  Woodlyn directed them to their "bibliograbee" Mystaa, who was head of their library.  Mystaa wasn't very cooperative, but they eventually convinced her to let them borrow the Leafsicon if they could acquire the Kitchen Witch's copy of 'Ally Alchemist's Cookbook'...

No Thank You Evil: Quest for the Wand of the Deep

 No Thank You Evil artwork © Monte Cook Games
No Thank You Evil artwork © Monte Cook Games

System: No Thank You Evil

Setting: Storia: The Land Next Door

Players: Sheri, Hannah, Micah

Schedule: Occasional weekend afternoons


Since Hannah has been talking about wanting to play again lately, I decided to start a No Thank You Evil campaign for the whole family.  Micah's only 4, but he did pretty well his first time - and everyone had a lot of fun.  The way I run NTYE has morphed a bit over time.  Overall the system and setting are fantastic, but I've started stripping out things here and there that I think adds a bit of "clutter" - at least for our us.


Session Characters:

- Hannah: a Pirate named Crystal

- Micah: a Pirate

- Sheri: a Wizard



The group appeared on a rocky beach near a sunken tower.  They heard a voice from the tower beckoning them inside.  Down the beach they found a rowboat to reach the tower, but had to fight off some giant, crab-shaped Animal Crackers to get it.  They were also chased by a Crackin' on their way to the tower, but managed to get to the dock before it destroyed their boat. 

- Inside, they met Marlin - the fish wizard.  He told them he needed their help to find a magical artifact called the Wand of the Deep.  It was somewhere in Storia, but he hadn't been able to find out where.  He asked them to go to the forest of Big Blue where all of Storia's history is written, to see if they could find its last known location.

- Unfortunately, everything written in Big Blue is in the Language of Leaves.  Before they could read anything in Big Blue, they would need a Leafsicon to translate.  Marlin didn't have one, but thought queen Woodlyn might - so he suggested they start there.  He also said he had some things in a chest upstairs they could have before they left.

No Thank You Evil: Towing Hobgoblins pt. I

 No Thank You Evil artwork © Monte Cook Games
No Thank You Evil artwork © Monte Cook Games

- The Inspector directed the Pirate Olivia and her Pretty Pony to take the hobgoblins they'd captured to Lucy Lawful in Out The Window. 

- On the way to the Crossroads, they saved Edwin Bear from a gang of Fluff Spiders. 

- They encountered That Imp at the Crossroads, but they managed to get past him by convincing him that his demanded toll of three Unicorn Feathers didn't make any sense.

- Once through the Crossroads and into Out The Window, they searched the crowded city streets for Lucy Lawful's office.  Just when they found it, however, a wave of Bobgoblins swept them into Nortorious Inc. where Olivia found herself locked in a filing room...

No Thank You Evil: Fear Factory - Wanted Hobgoblins

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 No Thank You Evil artwork © Monte Cook Games
No Thank You Evil artwork © Monte Cook Games

- Pirate Hannah and her little sister Olivia get a call for help from The Inspector.  He had too many cases and needed someone capable to take over one or two of them.  Hannah took a look at the wall and grabbed the 'Wanted' poster.  A pair of Hobgoblins had stolen a bag full of coins from Big Bucks Bank and were hiding out in the Fear Factory.

- On the way to the Factory, they met a goblin salesman who tried to get them to buy a few things, but he didn't seem to have anything they wanted.  The lock on the door to the factory didn't pose much of a challenge for the crafty pirate, and they ventured inside.

- After wandering through a few rooms of the abandoned toy factory, they encountered a Blunderbus who tried to steal a couple of coins from them.  When confronted he told them that "they" made him do it, and he led them to the interior room where the Hobgoblins were holed up.

- Hannah's "Good Blaster" broke through the hobs' armor and made them feel very guilty.  She tied them up and brought them back to The Inspector who told them that the theives were wanted by Lucy Lawful...

No Thank You Evil: Trouble In Space

 No Thank You Evil artwork © Monte Cook Games
No Thank You Evil artwork © Monte Cook Games

- Pirate Hannah and her Pretty Pony got a job offer from an alien called Opik: he needed someone to accompany the child alien Zot on a space ship back to his home planet.  He would give them 3 coins when Zot arrived safely.

- Shortly into the trip alarms began sounding.  A message from Opik said there was some distrubance in the engine room.  With some help from an android called Sassy, Hannah opened the hatch covering a secret ladder down into the workings of the ship.  She made her way to the back of the ship, encountering some space rats, a bubble-gum making bird, and other strange creatures.

- The engine room was being devoured by a metal-eating creature called a Lacer.  When she couldn't talk it into leaving, she tried to scare it off and then beat it up, but it proved too tough for her.

- In the end, Hannah lured the creature out of the engine room, and though it conked her out, Sassy arrived and was able to convince it to eat some of the junk in the storage room instead of gnawing on the engine.

GMs Note:

This scenario from "Uh-Oh Monsters" was REALLY tough for a single PC - and that's AFTER I dialed it back a bit.  In hindsight, instead of using deus-ex and having Sassy talk the Lacer out of eating the engine, I should have had the ship crash on a nearby planet and then Hannah would have to fix the ship to get Zot home - which would have been awesome.  Unfortunately, I didn't think of that at the time.  We'd been going for a while, and I could sense Hannah was running out of ideas, so I was trying to wrap it up.  I'm also not super practiced at running published scenarios.  Oh well, live and game and learn.

No Thank You Evil: Icebreakers pt. II

 No Thank You Evil artwork © Monte Cook Games
No Thank You Evil artwork © Monte Cook Games

- When the bubble teas hit the frozen ice rink, the froze solid into balls and rolled away - being chased by the Argle Bargles.  Since she found herself trapped in the basement, Pirate Hannah decided to let them have the bubble teas for now and concentrate on getting back up the slide.  She managed to talk the Argle Bargles into helping her up the slide, and they even gave her the rest of their (now frozen) bubble teas.

- Next she needed to get a clean pillowcase.  Crystal Noele told her she could find one in the laundry shed behind the hotel, but when Hannah got there, she found it was full of Gunks who were busy dirtying all the clean laundry.  She was able to get the only remaining clean pillowcase away from them, but got pretty 'gunked' herself in the process.

- The last component she needed was a room key.  Cyrstal told Hannah that all of the keys were in use, and that the guests with them were trapped on the 3rd floor!  Talking to the gardener gnome, Hannah borrowed a growing ladder and climbed into the 3rd floor window where she was able to talk a cat-person into giving her a room key.

- Once all the components were gathered, Hannah recited the incantation and the Jinn and Dragons went back to work, freezing the thawing hotel.  Cyrstal Noele was so happy that she told Hannah that she and her Pretty Pony could stay at her hotel for free anytime.

No Thank You Evil: Icebreakers pt. I

 No Thank You Evil artwork © Monte Cook Games
No Thank You Evil artwork © Monte Cook Games

- Pirate Hannah came with her Pretty Pony to stay in a famous Ice Palace Hotel in Into the Closet.  When she arrived, however, she found the place to be melting.  The owner, Crystal Noele, explained that the Jinn and the Snow Dragon that usually keep the place frozen had stopped working.  When Hannah investigated, she found that the Jinn and the Dragon were under a 'Lazy Bum' spell, and to reverse it, she would have to gather some specific components.

- The first was "two partially-drunk glasses of bubble tea".  Serios, the mouse who runs the hotel's cafe, told her he'd sold the last two to a couple of Argle Bargles, which had then gone down to the ice rink in the basement.  Hannah found them there, and was able to steal the teas from them, but as she tried to escape back up the slide leading to the basement, she slipped and landed back in the rink as the Argle Bargles closed in...

No Thank You Evil: Dead Center's Missing Flowers pt I

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 No Thank You Evil artwork © Monte Cook Games
No Thank You Evil artwork © Monte Cook Games

- The group entered Under The Bed and met Lady Von Snoot, an old ghost who asked for their help entering her home (the cemetery called Dead Center).  They also heard some strange, distant voices that turned out to be the mountains they were on asking for help finding their third twin.

- Upon arriving at the cemetery, the group found it to be the site of an ongoing investigation.  Inspector Grumbles told(?) them that all the flowers had been stolen from the graves (this had upset Ms Schnauser horribly).

- When they looked around, they found some paperclips, thumbtacks, bent stables, and a post-it note that read: "Bob - Bob bob bobob bob bobobobob bob bob. - Bob"  

- The inspector recognized this as the work of Bobgoblins.  He asked(?) them to go to the goblins' corporate HQ to talk to Big Wig and get the flowers back.

No Thank You Evil: Rus Tee & the Eye Buglars

 No Thank You Evil artwork © Monte Cook Games
No Thank You Evil artwork © Monte Cook Games

[new players Ken, Terri, Erica and Zach]

- Angel and some *other* new friends were summoned to Princess Strike's Castle Alley on account of a horrible noise keeping everyone awake.  The terrible moaning sounds was coming from somewhere in the junkyard behind the castle.

- While investigating, some of them encountered large bug-like creatures that tried to steal things from them - one of them made off with Terri the robot's arm!

- The group followed the sound to a little cave house in one of the piles of junk, where they found an old, broken robot called Rus Tee sobbing and crying loudly.  He told them that he was upset because one of his eyes was missing.

- Suspecting the bugs, the group followed them to their hive where they found a giant robot bug being powered by the sad robot's glowing eye.  Erica the spy snatched the eye and made her escape while Zach "Fast-Speeder" wrestled one of the bugs for his toolbelt.

- After fending off the rest of the bugs, the group returned dthe eye to the robot, who stopped moaning so everyone could get some sleep.

No Thank You Evil: Professor Wizbang's Time Machine

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 No Thank You Evil artwork © Monte Cook Games
No Thank You Evil artwork © Monte Cook Games

[published NTYE adventure; new players Amanda and Jared]

- Angel and some new friends were invited Out the Window to Princess Strike's Bowling Ball.  They arrived early to find Professor Wizbang demonstrating his time machine, only something went wrong and it summoned a dinosaur, a pirate, and a robot from different time periods - and each of them made off with a piece of the broken machine!

- The group tracked down the fugitives and the missing buttons and managed to put all to right before the ball.

No Thank You Evil: Merfaerie's Mischief

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 No Thank You Evil artwork © Monte Cook Games
No Thank You Evil artwork © Monte Cook Games

- Angle, Maria, and Markus made it up to a room full of treasure chests, where they discovered a merfaerie had swiped the wand and was causing trouble with it - she animated the treasure chests even turned Markus into a giant crab!

- Stacking the treasure chests, they chased the sprite up into the top floor bedroom of the coral tower, where Maria grabbed her. 

- The group returned the wand to the fish, called Marlin, who poofed his tower back to the sea and apologized to Woodlynn, who gave him some special honey to help with his cough.

No Thank You Evil: All Wet

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 No Thank You Evil artwork © Monte Cook Games
No Thank You Evil artwork © Monte Cook Games

New Character:

Markus [Tim] :: An Astronaut

Session Highlights:

- Angel, Maria, and Markus are called by Queen Woodlynn to investigate a tower that suddenly appeared in the Honeypot Ballroom.

- They are teleported inside (with some minor side effects) and soon discover a fish-wizard with a cold.  He didn't know his tower had been moved and asked them to fetch his wand so he could fix the problem.

- The wand was missing, and the kids suspect it might have been taken by mischievous hands.

- While searching for the wand (or whoever has it) in the laboratory, a giant octopus suddenly appeared - and it thought they were lollipops!  They managed to escape up to the next floor with some bumps and bruises.

No Thank You Evil: Missing Max Mixer

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 No Thank You Evil artwork © Monte Cook Games
No Thank You Evil artwork © Monte Cook Games

New Character:

Lily [Pat] :: a Super-Smart Spy with Dino, the brontosaurus

Session Highlights:

- Angel, Maria, and Lily make their way to Hex Kitchen after receiving an invitation.  Outside, Angel's fox, Ocean, was kidnapped by gingerbread men.

- The Kitchen Witch says they've been getting out of hand and also that her best mixing spoon, Max Mixer, is missing.

- The group tracked the gingerbread men to a melting caramel castle a short distance away.  They were confronted by gingerbread guards, but fought there way inside where they found Ocean.  The king of the gingerbread men appeared and the group noticed he had the mixing spoon.

- During the confrontation, a giant raccoon appeared and began eating the castle.  They grabbed the spoon and tried to get away.  Lily was climbing up on Dino when the raccoon knocked her down and took the shiny spoon.

- The group returned to Hex Kitchen and got a shiny fork.  When they returned, they found the raccoon asleep nearby.  The group was able to successfully swap the fork out for the spoon without waking it.

- The Kitchen Witch baked them some Marshmallow Chops and Mashed Lollipops as a reward, and passed on an invitation to Angel to attened Woodlynn's Birthbee Party.

No Thank You Evil: Mirror Mirror

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 No Thank You Evil artwork © Monte Cook Games
No Thank You Evil artwork © Monte Cook Games

New Character:

Remmy [Tony] :: a Kind Creature (dog)

Session Highlights:

- While trying to find her friends again, Angel heard someone calling for help.  She found a big dog (who was sort of like a kid) hanging upside down as some kind of carnivorous plant tried to eat him.  Angel ran and jumped up onto the dog and, after a few attempts, managed to break the vine holding him and the two escaped.

- Unable to find their way to Maria and Edwin, Remmy (who had been in the wood hunting mushrooms for the Kitchen Witch) used his Witch-Way to find their way back to Hex Kitchen.  Meanwhile, Edwin and Maria happened upong a whispered story about Angel and a dog going to the kitchen, so they all met up there.

- The group then proceeded to Mirror Mirror, spoke the rhyme, and entered the palace.  Before they could get far, however, Maria and Remmy were detained by Mirror Men while Queen Me anxiously questioned them.  Angel, having escaped, continued in, eventually finding the Princesses on the upper floor.

- Maria and Remmy eventually manged to distract the Queen and escape.  They found Angel and the princesses, and the group of them fought their way back out of Mirror Mirror in time to get Edwin and Snow White to the Flower Petal Ball!

No Thank You Evil: Princesses in Peril

 No Thank You Evil artwork © Monte Cook Games
No Thank You Evil artwork © Monte Cook Games

This is a loose campaign started for my 4-year-old daughter, Hannah.  Sheri will be playing in it as well, and others may come and go occasionally.


- Angel [Hannah] :: a Powerful Princess with a stuffed fox

- Maria [Sheri] :: a Super-Smart Pirate with a stuffed rabbit

Session Highlights:

- Angel was awaked by her stuffed fox, Ocean, talking to her.  He said her help was needed.  Not sure what was happening, she hid at first, but eventually noticed the green light coming from under her closet door and, upon investigating, found that a gateway in her closet now led into a forest in a mystical land.

- Angel met with Maria and a teddy bear named Edwin and was told that the Princesses were trapped in a palace called Mirror Mirror, and that one of them had promised to go to the Flower Petal Ball with Edwin.  Someone needed to get them out.

- After some discussion, the group decided to go to the Whispering Wood to see if it would tell them any stories about how to get into Mirror Mirror.  Maria and Edwin discovered a rhyme that would open the way, but Angel saw something that frightened her, ran off into the wood, and got lost!