Painting [cont]

Wednesday May 30, 2007 at 11:06am our house, painting Comments (0) »

So i've spent a considerable amount of time the last few days doing some painting in the bathroom and the hallway. Strangely, to those of you who've seen these rooms in the last couple of months, you probably won't notice. See, those areas have been painted for a while now, but there is/was lots of 'touching up' to do, which is mainly what i've been working on. It's slow going and you have to do it in stages, but it's coming...

We now have about 3 areas painted. I'll put up a couple more pictures when I get a little more done.


Some Posting

Wednesday February 21, 2007 at 9:45am auto repair, health, our house, painting Comments (3) »

Well, it's been a little while since I've made an entry here, so...

There's not a whole lot to say really, except that I'm about done with two things.

The first being the car problems we keep having. We have decided to go ahead and fix sheri's car - even though it's probably not worth it - just because we can't afford to be without another car right now. We have decided that we need to start looking for something else though. Hopefully something we have to worry about less.

The second thing I'm 'about done' with is my health - or lack thereof. For the last couple weeks now I've been pretty congested and occassionally quite sick. At least thus far I haven't had to cancel anything because of it.

In other news, the hall and the bathroom are almost finished in terms of painting. We've also got some nifty bathroom fixtures (things like towel bars and toilet paper holders) to put up when we're done. That, however, has also been put on hold as the paint fumes certainly won't help my illnesses and may well be part of my problem.


Triumphs and Nachos

Sunday February 4, 2007 at 9:57pm auto repair, gaming, our house, painting, food, video games Comments (3) »

A mere 19 hours after its ignition switch broke in the lowes parking lot, my jeep was up and running again - thanks to my jeep manual, a local junk yard, some special tools and the tremendous driving efforts of our friend ginger.

So, once again, we have a car to drive. Sheri's is still in the shop, awaiting some diagnosis.

Despite the jeep's crisis, we still had our game on saturday (a bit late). It was a good session.

Today we didn't have to stay in erwin. Instead, we came back here and put the first coat of paint on the hallway. It's looking pretty darn good.

After the painting, we did NOT watch the superbowl. Seems none of us care much about it. Imagine that.

Instead, we had some nachos with cheese/meat/tomato dip (recipe ala kevin) for dinner and played some serious mario kart. We have proven that Sheri makes the meanest yoshi ever.


Work Zone, pt. II

Tuesday January 30, 2007 at 10:22am our house Comments (1) »

Once again, our house is under construction. Well, sort of.

As of last night, I've begun the second of our 8 or so house projects. The objective this time is to repair and paint the hallway and bathroom. Basically what needs done is filling some cracks, smoothing out some drywall, priming and painting. The colors I've picked out are a sort of tan and brown - which i think will contrast the green in the livingroom nicely.

I'll be doing my best to document this process online in the 'our house' gallery.


Things I did while not blogging

Monday January 29, 2007 at 11:31am our house, friends, food, birthdays, gaming Comments (1) »

Another weekend came and went. It was a pretty good one.

On friday and saturday sheri and I talked about some stuff for the house and decided that I'll start working on the hallway this week. I became much more interested in the project when we decided not to paint the hallway white. White is boring. The first step is to repair a couple cracks and smooth out the drywall. I'll be photo-documenting it and i'll try to put some pictures up as I go - or at least when it's done.

Kevin was in town this weekend too. It's always nice to get to hang out with out-of-town friends for a bit.

Saturday night we all took tony to Misaki's (japanese hibachi steakhouse place) for his 25th birthday. I've decided I like Misaki's pretty well - despite the fact that I don't like chinese much and I haven't been a fan of any eastern food in the past. It was tasty.

We gave tony a llama calendar and ginger gave him a shirt that says 'the penguin made me do it'. Appropriate on so many levels.

Last night we finally got to continue one of my d&d games that's been on hold for a while. We had a good session.

I think a couple more quotes got added to 'the list' this week too.



Wednesday January 3, 2007 at 12:37am our house Comments (0) »

I am now adept in the use of the wet-vac.

About 1.5 hours ago I made a discovery when I went down to do some laundry. Seems that the pipe that goes out to the garden hose froze at some point and sheared itself open. We used the garden hose today, and the pipe left us about 30 gallons of water in our basement.

Overall, the event was pretty harmless. For the most part it avoided the stuff in the basement that would have mattered had it gotten wet.

At this point I think I've got the basement to merely 'damp' instead of 'puddled'.

Unfortunately, I still have laundry to do...


Living room rehab

Wednesday July 5, 2006 at 4:22pm our house Comments (1) »

well, its getting close to done. I'm not sure if it will be ready to accept gamers on saturday or not, but i'm working on it.

I haven't blogged much lately - i'm aware of this. Here's pretty much what i've been doing:

1) work work.
2) house work
3) yard work

There's been some occassional breaking for random fun stuff - including a great time swimming at steves and watching fireworks at ginger's - some gaming and a little anime, but mostly i've been working these last few weeks. All work and no play makes jared a dull blogger.




Sunday July 2, 2006 at 9:13pm yard work, our house Comments (0) »

This weekend we have accomplished:

1) Entire yard mowed. Really, the whole freakin' thing. That yard is too big for push-mower - at least when it's so hot.

2) Living room prep-work finished, primed and given two coats of green paint. Lookin' good. Pictures soon.

3) 3 cars washed - mine, sheri's & ginger's.

4) random house work / bill paying

5) sheri repotted her plants

We did good.


Of Epic Adventures

Wednesday June 14, 2006 at 8:48am our house, moving, travel, pictures, we have your keys Comments (0) »

Take 2

Greetings one and everyone,

Much has transpired since my last entry but, for various reasons, i have been unable to blog about it until this moment.

Most notably, i have moved. Sheri and I closed on our house on the 1st around 5pm. Shortly thereafter, we and a small army of friends descended upon our little apartment and moved everything in it over to the house (about .4 miles away) in 3 hours. Afterwards we went out to dinner to reward our efforts.

The following day, sheri and I left for Arkansas to visit her family. While there we attended her brother's high school graduation party, went to Silver Dollar City in Branson, went out on her dad's boat, and played lots of Shadows Over Camelot. We also camped out on our way to and from. On the trip, we saw several quite amusing landmarks - including Fort Pillow and Yow Chiropractic.

While we were gone, our house was named The Igloo (probably because it's the only place of ours around that has descent air conditioning) and it was thusly decorated with paper snowflakes, cotton snow and blue saran-wrap ice (complete with incased frozen mammoths). We also found a group of stuffed animals gaming in our basement. I hope to have pictures of this stuff up in the gallery soon.

Since we've been back, we have begun organizing the place (though not too much, since we still have to paint pretty much everything), we have tested our washer and dryer (which seemed to work quite well once the hot and cold hoses were reversed), we have acquired a range and a refridgerator and have (finally) got internet access (and there was much rejoicing).


Today be the day

Wednesday May 31, 2006 at 12:11pm our house, travel, insane Comments (3) »


This morning I recieved a call(s) from Vic Feathers at the bank saying everything seemed* to be in order for our scheduled closing this afternoon at 4pm.

(*actually, when i asked him, his exact words were "hell if i know")

Assuming everything goes relatively according to plan (a rather portly assumption), we will be starting to move stuff in between 5 and 6pm this evening.

Coincidentally, tomorrow also 'be the day'. Tomorrow we're intending to leave on a 10-day trip to AR to visit sheri's family.

Now, you may ask yourself: why would they go on a long(ish) vacation the day after moving into a new (and first) house? Answer: because we're bloody insane.

After our return, future plans involve organizing the place (you know, at least a LITTLE), getting some appliances, fixing up some little things, having a painting party and buying a mac.


House Hunted

Monday May 1, 2006 at 6:00pm our house Comments (1) »

Well, as of this afternoon, Sheri and I have a contract on the house we'd been wanting to get. It's been somewhat of a saga. First, we saw this house. Liked it. Wanted to go back and look again and probably make an offer, when it was snatched up by someone. We were somewhat disappointed. Well, time passed, and the house came back on the market. Turns out the prospective buyers learned of the house's somewhat high radon reading and backed out. The seller is now installing a radon mitigation system (at his expense) and is selling it to us. So, assuming the home inspector doesn't find anything terribly out of whack, we're gonna have a house soon. Funny how things work out.

I've made a gallery for photos of the house. There are a couple i neglected to take, but maybe i'll get those up sometime as well.

In other news, we will be having a painting party sometime after closing as almost all of the rooms need painted. Those interested will be fed pizza and soda.


House Hunting

Monday March 20, 2006 at 12:59pm our house Comments (5) »

Well, we've started it. So far we've talked to a bank, got pre-approved, seen 1 house, driven by a couple dozen others and looked at countless listings. It's been great fun, actually. Hopefully we'll find something sometime this year. It would be kinda nice if moving-time is during some decent weather, too - but i'll be satisfied if we can find sometime we both really like.

The house we looked at on saturday was one out here on Milligan hwy - only a minute or two from where we live now. It wasn't a bad little house, but we ultimately decided there was too much expensive stuff we'd want to do with it right away for it to be practical. We're all for learning to do lots of minor-to-moderate projects for home improvement, but we're hoping not to have to learn them all at once ;). We've got a few more we're interested in looking at and Robin's still giving us stuff. And we're in no rush.

I'd also like to state for the record, that it's snowing out here, in a major way. I'd also point out that this is a couple weeks after milligan's so-called "spring break".