Achery Picnics & Photography

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AAM Archery Picnic My coworkers shooting at flying targets.  Or firing on infantry advancing across the Scottish moors.  One of the two.
My coworkers shooting at flying targets.  Or firing on infantry advancing across the Scottish moors.  One of the two.

AAM's company picnic was this last saturday afternoon, and that was a lot of fun.  I like my coworkers, so hanging out with them is always a good time, but this year Tim also presented us with a pretty awesome activity: archery.  There's apparently a mobile service in the area that comes out with basic equipment and sets up for anyone and everyone to shoot.  We did archery skeet shooting and a ball-target competition.  I personally found it was very easy for me to come very, very close - but I hit basically nothing all day.  Still, I haven't shot a bow in more than 20 years.  It was a lot of fun, regardless.  Enough that I've even wondered if there's anywhere in my yard I could set up a target.

I also enjoyed taking quite a few photos of everyone shooting.  I'd brought my camera along, but didn't know if I'd use it.  I don't own a lens wide enough to capture any kind of "group" event, and in the past there hasn't been much of interest to look at going on.  The archery thing, however, provided a cool and interesting new subject, so when I wasn't shooting with a bow, I was shooting with my camera.  Sheri commented that I was less likely to "miss" with the latter.


This week.

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A quick '"here's what went on" entry, because I have another to post -

This week's been pretty good, all things told. Pretty busy work week - working on a big project.

Sheri started her new job friday and survived her first day. Yay on both counts! :-)

Friday night we had another good gaming session. I'm reallying enjoying this particular game. It's intended to be short and contained, but I like the fact that I had almost all of the scenrio mapped out ahead of time and it's a pretty good story for a game.

Saturday we went on a picnic to Sycamore Shoals and hiked around a bit after.

Today we went out on Boone lake on a pontoon boat with some people from church - spent the day tubing and swimming and generally having a good time. Even saw some people and boats in piratety garb!