I wish i was as cool as this guy

Tuesday December 30, 2008 at 5:49pm video games, random, music Comments (0) »

Windwaker - Unplugged

Seriously. This guy is indecently talented. Even if you don't know the game/theme, this video is nothing short of amazing.


Would you like cheese sticks with that?

Sunday August 17, 2008 at 5:29pm golf, gaming, scenery, randomness Comments (2) »

So on saturday i got to play in a golf tournament. It was a fund-raising event for the East TN Christian Home, and our church was sponsoring a hole and a team to go play. One of the guys who was supposed to go was kind of busy and asked if i could go in his place. I told him that I wasn't sure he wanted to send *me* - because i'm not really any good - but that it sounded like a lot of fun. I think I actually played below average even for me, but Lee and I had a lot of fun and the other guys we were playing with were really good company as well.
It was a two-person-team, best-ball game, and, as a team, we ended up at +11 - which is much better than *I* ever play for 18 holes. Lee is pretty good and we played his shot more than half the time, but i was occasionally useful. I *did* make a crazy-hard birdie putt on a par 3 (mostly thanks to luck) and I had a few other key shots, but it was mostly Lee's game. Still, he's a blast to hang out with and, as i said, we had a lot of fun - which was really what it was about.

On saturday evening, almost right after the golf game, I ran my current d&d game. Since they just arrived in a new city and had a *ton* of housekeeping type stuff they wanted to do, added to the fact that I had/have quite a bit of setup material to get through, the session was a little slow and there wasn't much in the way of action or significant roleplaying. This was a little disappointing, but not terribly surprising. It was still an enjoyable evening hanging out with friends, and most of the stuff was necessary for the game on some level. Next session (whenever that is) should get them into some more 'meat' of the game, as it were.

This afternoon sheri & i went up to Beauty Spot. We've heard of it and even knew where it was for a while, but hadn't made it up there before today. The gravel road that takes you from the 395/rock creek rd up to the actual mountain top is pretty long and rough - and slightly nerve-wracking. I've been on worse though. The area itself is really pretty. I think later in the fall when there are fewer bugs and weeds (and some cooler temperatures), it would be a really nice place to spend an afternoon relaxing. I took some pictures of the area. If any of them turn out nice, i'm sure they'll get posted.

This evening, sheri & i walked down to sonic to get some slushes. I mention this particular event because, after we ordered our grape & watermelon creamslushes, we were asked (and i quote) 'would you like any mozzarella sticks to go with that?'. Now, i don't know what universe these people are from - but in *my* universe, fried cheese sticks do NOT, in any way, "go" with sweet, fruit-flavored, ice-cream slushes. At all. And, even if some people enjoy that combo, i have a hard time believing its so pervasive that asking everyone if they'd like some is a necessary course of action. I mean, i just can't see 'mozzarella sticks with creamslush' being anything like 'fries with hamburger'.


Most valuable commodity

Thursday May 22, 2008 at 7:47pm randomness, friends Comments (4) »
Most valuable commodity Image

As I mentioned a while back, I've been cleaning out the office closet. Well, as of yesterday, it's as cleaned out as it's gonna get. Freed up a lot of room in there by tossing a bunch of junk and boxing up the stuff i don't want to chuck just yet. It was during this massive excavatory (not a word, should be) undertaking that I unearthed this priceless treasure.

The experts are still debating the artifact's authenticity - see, it's not *exactly* like the legends depict. Still, it is undeniably very, very close. If past experience can tell me anything, I figure this object has the potential to make me rich beyond all necessity - if I can just get to Hyrule somehow. Everyone knows that empty, corked, glass bottles are by far the most valuable commodities in that realm.

Unfortunately, I don't know anyone who knows how to get to Hyrule, and even if I did, it would probably be in the midst of some tyrannical rule or buried beneath the sea knowing my luck. Then I'd have to find the Hero of Time and/or wait 7 years or somesuch. Yeah, and then he'd probably just take my bottle in the name of 'saving the world' or something. Pssssh. Maybe I could at least make him beat me in several, annoying swimming races first...

Anyway, given the circumstances, despite it's obvious and undeniable pricelessness, this wondrous item will probably remain here on my desk, collecting dust. And any faeries I happen to come across.


In other news, we've made some progress in cleaning up other parts of the house as well - the land of Spare 'Oom is looking much better thanks to Sheri's efforts, and the basement is getting tidied a bit as well. This is partially in preparation for the upcoming GitP meetup (t minus 5 weeks and counting).

This weekend we are to have a sort of going-away party for Eric and Kevin will be in town to celebrate his birthday and graduation with us. Should be pretty fun all around.


If you *really* enjoy exercises in futility...

Thursday April 24, 2008 at 8:57am random Comments (1) »

found on BoingBoing

Apparently someone has created a device that, when activated, simply deactivates itself in the same fashion. Now all someone needs to do is mount that somewhere and put a sign on it that reads 'Do Not Flip Switch'.


Random Entry

Friday November 23, 2007 at 11:27am randomness Comments (0) »

Here are a couple of things I've seen on the 'net this week that I thought were worthy of passing on to those who might not see them otherwise.

This has got to be the coolest thing i've seen all week. Quite possibly all month. Maybe all year.

It's a car. Made of wood. As if that wasn't cool enough, it's made still more interesting by its literally half-modern / half-retro design. It is simply amazing.

On a somewhat more "humorous" and less "freakin' awesome" note, I was also highly amused by this:

Both of the above links were found via BoingBoing - a very interesting site.

So anyway - there's a bit of randomness for your day. Carry on.


Random Encounters of the Doggy Kind

Tuesday May 15, 2007 at 11:46am dogs, random encounters Comments (9) »

So we're currently in possession of a small beagle. It seems that Ginger, Tony and Justin found it on sunday afternoon wandering Sycamore Shoals, where it had apparently been left. They then asked if they could leave it here for a couple days. I think the plan is to take it to one of the shelters around here.

She looked like she hadn't eaten for days, and was very, very thin. I think she has about eaten her weight in dog food since she's been here. She also seems to be quite lonely and tends to beg for attention whenever anyone goes outside.

She is really sweet, and if I thought she was healthy or we had enough money to spend on her right now, we might consider keeping her. Then again, that's a whole lot more work and I'm not known for being overly responsible like that.

Anyone want a doggy?


Doomed to Random Encounters

Thursday November 9, 2006 at 1:17pm helping others, random encounters Comments (0) »

So I just went out to pick up my paycheck. As I was pulling out of the parking lot, I was flagged down by a guy asking if I'd give him a ride. We talked for a minute and I kinda thought about how, being a christian, i probably ought to show love and compassion to the world around me - so i told him to get in.

He was very apologetic about the whole thing and continued to assure me he was not 'bad people'. Turns out he had come into town with a friend of his, gotten drunk and seperated and didn't have a ride home. I could still smell a little on him, but he seemed to be mostly in his right mind.

We were driving out toward 11e, where he said he lived, when he tried to convince me to stop somewhere to get him 'something to take home' - in the way of alcohol. I told him very plainly that I wasn't ok with that. Despite a few additional efforts to convince me otherwise, I told him I'd take him where he wanted to go - either to his house, or somewhere else, but I was only making one stop and then I was heading out. Ultimately, he had me drop him at a hardees. He thanked me for the help and we went our seperate ways.

So as I drove home, I thought 'well, that was unusual'. I also thought about whether I'd handled the whole thing 'correctly'.

When I got home I discovered the Jehovah's Witnesses had stopped by and left a tract outside our door. Seems I was destined to have a random encounter today pretty much no matter what.


We've been ID'd!

Thursday September 14, 2006 at 1:56pm random encounters Comments (3) »

So ginger and I went to Schlotzky's for lunch this afternoon. Upon entering, the lady at the register - the one who is always there when we go in for lunch - tells us we should buy one of these discount cards she has since we're in there so much. The cards are for the support of local schools. She insisted that the 10% discount would save us quite a bit of lunch money.

I guess i don't really expect the random people i interact with on a weekly-ish basis to recognize or remember me, so it always seems weird to me when something like that happens.

Maybe next time i go in there i'll just order 'the usual' and see what happens...


Bill? Tom?

Monday August 28, 2006 at 12:32pm random encounters, oddities Comments (0) »

So I've had a random encounter of the funishing kind. In our breezeway saturday night, sheri and I found a tv stand. Attached to it was a note that said 'Tom: Sorry it took me so long to drop this off. -Bill'.

I don't know who these people are, but i think Tom is going to continue to be more and more dissappointed with Bill as he wonders where his tv stand is.


This sucks for someone.

Wednesday August 16, 2006 at 11:50am random encounters Comments (0) »

Someone named 'Kristina Hail', more specifically. I've now received three (3) phone calls for her from prospective employers over the past few months. It would seem she accidentally put my phone number on her resume. People keep wanting to interview her, but they're calling me because she gave them the wrong number. She must be pretty depressed that no place is calling her back. If only she knew.


Hello, I can't help you.

Thursday July 20, 2006 at 3:54pm random encounters, funny Comments (0) »

So I just got a call from Nelnet, the company through which i have my student loans. They were calling to inform me that my loans were currently using a variable interest rate and they asked if i would be interested in consolidating them and fixing it. I said sure, figuring i'd listen to what he had to say and wait till the bottom line. During the course of the conversation however, it came to light that my loans were not of a sufficient dollar amount for them to offer me this particular deal.

Essentially, the guy called me to say "We've got this consolidation thing, but you can't have it."



Impending Volume And Random Encounters

Monday January 30, 2006 at 10:37am church, music, random encounters Comments (1) »

Last night was our area churches' 'Fifth Sunday Sing'. Everytime there's a 5th sunday, they all get together and sing to each other. Sometimes theres some goods ones, sometimes it's a joyful noise.

Anyway, some people decided that our newly-formed praise band should lead some congregational singing. This was a sort of pre-cursor to us leading sunday morning worship next week. As far as i could tell, it went over very well.

Quite possibly the coolest thing, however, was this:

(Preface: One idea behind the hatching of the praise band was that it might bring in some more people. Our church is rather small and the average age is probably 50 or so.)

While mark was unloading his drums, a guy saw him and pulled up outside the church to ask him what was going on. Apparently he had just moved up here from the Myrtle Beach area where he attended a church that had a band. Mark told him that we were just getting started, and that our first actual church appearance was tonight. The man thanked him, and said that he would be back that evening. And he was. We talked with him for a while afterwards. He said he really thought it was cool and that he was going to come next sunday as well.

Now, i'm not all about the idea behind christianity being getting people in your building on sundays, nor do i think finding a service you 'like' is the most important thing, but i thought this particular incident was pretty cool.



Monday June 13, 2005 at 12:15pm random encounters, funny, rolling eyes Comments (2) »

ok, i have just lost SO much faith in the collective intelligence of mankind.

I have just recieved a phone call. It went something like this:

me (answers phone): "hello?"
woman: "hello...uhm, is this the mobile home park?"
me: "no, i think you have the wrong number"
woman: "well, is this 929-9105?"
me: "ah, no, this is 926-9105, you accidentally dialed the wrong number."
woman: "well, in the book here, it says 929-9105 is the mobile home park."
me: "yeah, this is 926-9105. you want 929-9105."
woman: "so it's wrong in the book then..."
me: "no, THIS number is 926-9105. you WANT the one in the book, 929-9105."
woman: "well, do you have a number for the mobile home park then?"
me: "you know what? why don't you try the number in the book again..."
woman: "well...ok..."