Savage Seas: The Next Horizon

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- Concluded negotiations with goblins, humans granted right to settle on island under some conditions.

- After some time, talk resumes of continuing the expedition, to see what else is out there.  In all likelihood, the Wind's Wings will be sailing forth soon, while most of the expedition remains for rest and repairs...

Savage Seas: Perished Glory pt. II

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- Met Elistanna, agreed to aid her in exchange for help negotiating with the goblin ruler, as the expedition needed more time before it could possibly leave, and might even prefer to remain.

- Organized a meeting with the goblins, offered cooperation, trade and exchange of information in exchange for the right to settle part of the island.

Savage Seas: Perished Glory pt. I

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[auxilliary scene]

- Back on the Wind's Wings, the deck hands were hailed by a group of men in long boats approaching the vessel.  The approaching men claimed captain Collette had sent them to the ship to retrieve additional tools and blasting supplies from the ship's hold.  Once some were on board, they turned on the Wind's Wings' crew.  The ensuing battle was bloody and hard-fought, but the Wind's Wings' crew ultimately prevailed.

[.end auxilliary scene]


- meanwhile, the group in the goblin canyon decided to make a break for the surface.  being stealthy was going to be difficult if not impossible and they really didn't want to engage an entire civilization in combat, but options seemed limited.  As they darted down catwalks and through stone halls, they did their best to avoid groups of the goblins.  They didn't realize until too late that they were being intentionally drive downward - deeper into the hive.

- ultimately, the group ended up cornered and driven into a large cavernous hall filled with dozens of goblins.  These, however, had a very different appearance to those they had previously encountered.  Their skin was more of a blue grey, and they wore nice though exceptionally worn robes and exotic jewelry tarnished with age.  One sat on a large throne in the far corner of the room.  When they entered, he began speaking to them.

- the goblin "king" informed them that they - and their fellow "creatures" - were encroaching upon his territory.  He told them that they had three days to leave the island or else they would be annihalated.  One of the other goblins seemed to want to say something, but the king quieted her.  The group was then permitted to leave the hall through a tunnel that ultimately led them back to the forest on the surface.

- upon returning to the beach, they began telling the expedition leaders about the situation and that the island wasn't safe, when they were interrupted by some commotion further inland.  Making its way through the encampment was a small, hooded figure.  When it removed its hood, the group recognized the goblin from that had tried to speak in the king's hall.

Savage Seas: Into The Hive

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- the creature that had emerged from the sunken city had only started speaking - in some language Zatara inexplicably understood - when skeletal figures began emerging from the water onto the building tops around the group.  The conflict escalated until the first creature was dragged back into the pool and a bright burst of light swallowed the room.  When it subsided, the skeletons were gone.

- the group followed the caverns and tunnels out of the city until they found themselves in a small cavern with a hole in the ceiling through which some light filtered - though it was occupied by a group of crazed goblin-like creatures.

- the group was eventually able to climb up and out of the hole, the wall near which seemed specifically designed to prevent it.  Above they found themselves in a small, hewn stone room which apparently acted as a kind of jail.  The room exited onto a wooden walkway attached to the cliff-side of a massive canyon wall.

- the canyon was honeycombed with hundreds of similar chambers, connected by catwalks, ladders, stairs and lifts.  A river of magma flowed out of the far canyon wall and plunged down to the canyon floor somewhere below - and steam billowed up from those depths.  Most concerning though, was that there were goblins everywhere.

Savage Seas: Asleep Beneath the Surface

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Guest PC: [Pat] Delilah O'Mari - Artisan/Smith

- the group had finished their conversation with Kilmer on the beach, and were following him through the crowd to speak with the ship captains.  Before they had made it off the beach, they ran into Caroline with a middle-aged woman - just as the ground shook with a tremendous earthquake.  The ground beneath them collapsed inward, and a torrent of water from the sea washed them down into a massive cavern.

- it took the group some time to collect themselves.  The opening above them had re-sealed itself in the cave-in, and it was completely dark.  Breeze and Zatara managed to catch themselves on a higher ledge, but Lucas and the woman, called Delilah, were washed into a larger pool further in.

- Lucas and Delilah began planning a way to produce a light source, while Breeze and Zatara tried to feel their way down to the others.  When Lucas called out for Caroline again, she answered him from some distance away, as a blue light began to emanate from her direction, illuminating a massive cavern - at the far side of which was the facade of a large, palacial building which had, apparently, been consumed by the cavern.  The architecture and design were unrecognizable.

- As Lucas approached the building, a large, mangy wildcat emerged and pounced on him - though it's diseased state was apparently ill-suited to subduing the sailor, and he eventually put it down.

- Deciding they could not return to the surface the way they came, they headed through the palace, hoping there was a way out the other side.  Breeze discovered a kind of workshop down one of the limestone-coated halls.  In addition to some unusual objects, the workroom also contained the remains of a mural which depicted a building similar to the one they were in as well as the bow of a great ship.

- While they were investigating the palace, they were attacked by some large insect-like creatures, which they managed to fend off without significant injuries.

- When the group managed to work their way through the building, they emerged into another massive cavern complex, which contained the buildings of a sizable city.  Near the center of the city was a large flooded area, which was bubbling and issuing steam.  As they approached, a strange, morphing being emerged from the pool and began approaching them, speaking in a strange, nearly-subsonic voice...

Savage Seas: Something To Gain

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- as the group settled into camp, Lucas noticed that Morgan, one of the men from his ship he'd brought along, wasn't around, and no one really seemed to know where he went.  They were concerned that whoever had been watching the camp had captured him.

- the next morning, the three took Julia and began tracking the prints she'd found back to their origin.  This lead them a considerable distance to the west where they entered a hilly region and eventually began to see signs of human(?) presence - namely, the stumps of some trees that had clearly been chopped down.  When Julia did not return from scouting ahead, the group rounded a bend and found themselves in a kind of forest village, seemingly composed largely of lumber scavenged from wrecked ships.

- the village appeared empty, but the group got the clear impression people were present.  Lucas decided to take a direct approach, walking to the center of town and calling out - saying they meant no harm to any of them, and that if they were castaways, their expedition could offer some assitance.

- the speech was responded to by a variety of individuals, several of which seemed to have differing motives.  There were a series of half conversations, offers and threats before a man called Cerrick started hostilities and a brief skirmish erupted, during which Julia was freed.  After the assailents were defeated, more talks insued.  It turned out that the village was composed of a variety of castaways from at least three different ships.  Most of them were much more inclined to negotiate than Cerrick had been, and were keenly interested in what this expedition could offer them (in one way or another).  The group spent the rest of the day talking with the inhabitants, learning about who they were and about the island they now occupied - even looking at a rough map one of the villagers had drawn of the island.  When Lucas asked about Morgan, he learned from a woman, Roxanne, that he had come to speak with Cerrick the night before.

- the next morning, they returned to the beach, where most of the expedition had now landed and land was being cleared for a more permanent, temporary camp.  Many of the passengers and crew were enjoying the chance to be on land once again.  The group informed Kilmer of what they had learned, and asked if Morgan had returned.  Kilmer told them that Morgan had returned in the late morning, saying that he'd gotten lost in the forest the night before.

Savage Seas: Not Alone

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- the group met with the expedition leaders and formed a survey team to be lead jointly by Lucas and Kilmer.  It was composed of Lucas, Breeze and Zatara as well as Kilmer, Josiah and Hal (two sailors from the Wind's Wings), Morgan and Alexander (two sailors from the New Legacy), and Van and Julia (two hunter/woodsman types who were passengers on the Grand Alexis).  Their goals were to scout the immediate area so that the expedition proper could make a safe landing, and discern whatever was possible about the nature of the island in general.

- the survey team decided to land where Breeze had spotted a couple streams flowing into the harbor.  They decided to split up and each hike a mile or two inland following the streams.  The teams discovered that the streams joined a river which originated at the closest mountain.  The edges of the forest were very dense with undergrowth, but the interior contained larger trees with a thicker canopy and the forest floor was remarkably open.  They also discovered a marshland to the west where Van found some interesting tracks.

- when they met again on the beach, Van and Julia discussed the tracks and wanted to return to where they had been found - at the edge of the swamp.  The three accompanied them.  There they caught site of a small, grotesque but humanoid creature.  When they pursued it, they found themselves ambushed by several more of the goblin-like creatures - two of them riding massive lizard-like beasts, the tracks of which Van had found earlier in the day.  In the skirmish, Lucas was severely injured, though the others were able to drive off the remaining attakers.  

- when they returned to the beach, it was well after dusk and Kilmer and the others were making camp for the night.  Julia noticed several sets of boot-prints at the edge of the camp, behind a rise - a place where none of them had been...

Savage Seas: Puncture Wounds

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- Lucas made his way back down to the Grand Arcadia, thinking he might grab some coin from one of the chests and make a run for it now that it seemed quiet.  Once down at the ship however, he encountered a strange woman who was speaking enigmatically to a barely-conscious Julius who'd been pinned to something like a large red sofa with 4 large black spikes.  The room was lit with a reddish glow by rows of paper lanterns hanging around the hold.  She seemed to be interested in what Julius was looking for and whether he found it.  When Lucas arrived, she turned her attention to him.  Being around her seemed to cause his mind to call up random and vivid memories.

- meanwhile, Breeze, Zatara and Kilmer made their way further into the rock tunnel.  They encountered a great snake in a bone-filled cavern.  As they tried to escape, Breeze was bitten and flung across the room, collapsing in a bone pile on the other side.  Kilmer tried to revive her - to no avail - while Zatara finally managed to drive off the snake after wounding it.  Despite Kilmer's concerns about moving her, they didn't have much choice, and that since the snake retreated down the tunnel they'd come through, they decided to continue in hopes there was another way out.

- the tunnel continued to another cavern - this one covered with rune-like carvings - and eventually up and out onto and exterior cliffside that seemed to merge with old, carved ruins.  There they encountered a young woman humming to herself and painting random designs on the stone around her.  She seemed excited to see the newcomers, but their conversation had only started when another woman appeared from the tunnel behind them.  This second woman was older and with features that seemed to blur when observed directly.  She attempted to convince the young girl that these intruders must be destroyed and ordered her to do so, while Zatara and Kilmer made the case that they meant her no harm.  Eventually the tense situation eroded as the girl ran sobbing from the room, and the other woman vanished in anger.  The path continued to the summit of the rock where they found a kind of look-out post, but no way down to the shore.  Frustrated and tired, they realized they'd have to go back.  Fortunately, the descent was relatively unobstructed and they soon rejoined the two sailors they'd left outside the tunnel.  Breeze had stabilized and was breathing, but could not be revived.

- Lucas spoke uneasily with the strange woman in the wrecked ship for some time, trying to discern who she was.  Conversation with her seemed disjointed, however, and she tended to jump lines of inquiry unexpectly.  She eventually became frustrated with him and returned to Julius.  As the light from the lanters began to suddenly fade to darkness, Lucas, throughly disconcerted, made his way back outside and, upon locating one of the long boats that was still intact, returned to the New Legacy with news that the landing party had not gone as planned.

- Breeze was revived a couple of days later by a strange, old woman called Agatha who was a passenger on the Grand Alexis.  There had been much talk, and it had been decided that the expedition would continue toward their original target island.  The journey was not easy on anyone, however.  Overall morale had been crumbling for some time, and an as-yet-unsolved murder (a man called Darren, apparently repeatedly stabbed by someone) that happened only a few days out from the rock-isle made matters worse - even with Breeze and another performer named Brooke doing their best to keep people optimistic.  It was nearly a week past the time they "should have" reached the island on their heading, but when land was finally sighted, they found an island even larger than they had anticipated...

Savage Seas: A Rock and a Hard Place

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- The expedition set out toward the theoretical large, volcanic island.  As they proceeded, their course veered northward near the rocky island they had previously discussed and, since the opportunity had presented itself, they decided a slight detour may be worthwhile.

- The expedition was caught in a sudden storm as they approached the island which threatened to capsize them or drive them into the rocky shore.  Fortunately, the storm disappated as quickly as it had hit and, while the Winds Wing's sustained some minor damage, it seemed largely intact.  The Grand Alexis was no longer visible, however, but Collette seemed to think the captain had chickened out and headed back east away from the storm.

- The captains of the two remaining ships met briefly and decided upon a plan of action until the expedition's leaders (largely on the Grand Alexis) rejoined them.  The New Legacy would sail northward to circumvent the island and the Wind's Wings would send a survey team ashore.  Breeze and Zatara were part of the survey team, but the leader, the first mate Kilmer, said he was unable to find Lucas before they cast off.

- Lucas had, in fact, returned to the New Legacy at the invitation of Julius Edmund, the first mate of that ship.  He had made some mention of personal gain and Lucas suspected that Edmund had something up his sleeve.  After a couple hours of sailing, the New Legacy spotted Edmund's target - the wreck of an enourmous ship on the island coast.  Lucas recognized the ship as the Grand Arcadia - a sister ship of the Grand Alexis that was said to have disappeared with a large cargo of silver, jewels and other treasures.

- Julius led a contigent of crew ashore - along with Lucas.  He seemed somewhat confused but unconcerned with the fact that the ground around the wreck was littered with the skeletons of sailors - most of whom showed obvious signs of violent death.  Julius led the group into the bow hold of the great ship where they found more skeletons and dozens of chests full of treasure.  They soon found themselves attacked by water-soaked zombie-like sailors who had come up and out of the sea.  Seeing a losing battle, Lucas began to climb up and out of the hold, but the frantic Julius seemed unwilling or unable to join him.  Outside, Lucas saw the wreck was beset by hundreds of zombie-like warriors, some of them pulling on glowing, spectral lines trying to drag the wreck into the ocean.

- Lucas jumped from the stern of the ship and fought the surf back to shore away from the onslaught.  When he finally reached the outcropping above the ship, he was surprised to find that he could see no trace of the zombie horde - but neither could he see or hear any sign of the New Legacy crewmen.

- Meanwhile, Zatara and Breeze found themselves in the forest on the backside of the rock-mountain that was the island's prominent feature - and face to face with a giant.  It was nearly 20 feet in height, even hunched over as it was.  Its features were deformed and it seemed of primitive intellect as it did little besides howl and attempt to smash them with a great tree-trunk of a club.  They had noticed a carved doorway in the cliffside behind the creature, but only they and Kilmer were able to avoid the giant's blows and reach it.  The three of them saw the other two sailors (one of them injured) make their way northward away from the clearing as the giant howled and bludgeoned the cilff face outside.

Savage Seas: Nobody's Home

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- the ghostly woman began questioning Lucas in some unknown language, becoming more and more urgent until Lucas answered the question she seemed to be asking in the affirmative - at which point she relented and her form began to disappate.

- Zatara was approached by a young girl - perhaps 7 or 8 - and she asked him if he would take her to her mother.  Upon reaching the temple room where Lucas and Breeze were still looking at each other as though unsure of what just happened, the girl directed her attention of Lucas, calling him "Mother", and asking if they would finally be going home.

- As eveing approached, the group left the mountain and headed back toward the village, where they noticed they could see no torchlights.  Upon arriving in Basnet, they found the place deserted - apparently for some time.

- Lucas insisted he needed a drink, and made his way toward the Dockside tavern.  It, too, appeared to have been unoccupied for at least a decade, though the bar was still stocked with untouched spirits (though they tasted a bit off).  It wasn't until they were getting ready to leave that they noticed the woman who had told Lucas about "Old Caroline".  She had been sitting at a table in the corner near the door, chuckling to herself.  When the others saw her, she made her way to the exit telling them over her shoulder "This won't be the strangest thing you will encounter in these waters!", before pushing the door open and heading into the dark night.  Breeze chased after her, bursting through the door just after it had closed behind the woman, but she could find no trace of the gossip outside.

- The group returned to the Wind's Wings and informed the captain of what had happened (and offered some explanation as to the girl that was accompanying them).

- The following day, the New Legacy and Grand Alexis arrived, but there was to be no landfall.  The crew of the Wind's Wings scoured the abandoned village for anything of use, but thereafter the expedition decided to press on past Basnet.  They decided to alter course to the north, however, when a lingering and forboding storm on the southwestern horizon refused to disappate.

- The expedition's cheif navigator presented some sea charts to a meeting of the expedition leaders and a few others gathered to discuss course.  He mentioned three islands - a southern coral atoll closer to their original projected course, a rocky prominence to the north west and a rumoured large, volcanic island beyond it.  The existence of none of these islands had been confirmed, but as part of the expedition's goals was exploration and since the stop at Basnet had not gone according to plan, investigating one or more seemed reasonable.

- There was some discussion as to what course should be taken, but the majority seemed to favor seeking out the large island as the other two seemed to have relatively little to offer...

Savage Seas: Old Bones

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- the party struggled with the "fish-man" until Breeze wounded it and it fled - crashing through a parlor window

- as it did, a man entered the house/inn and seemed to be asking where it had gone.  Fredrick seemed to blame him.

- only moments later, they heard commotion outside and saw that a fire had started in the town.

- the group joined the firefighting efforts and ended up engaging two other "fish-men" at the periphery of the scene

- the following morning they met with the captain.  Breeze was concerned that Lucas (and possibly herself) had become "infected"

- they talked with the local Chairman about the expedition as well as the previous night's adventure

- Lucas spoke with a local gossip about "Old Caroline", a witch who had "died" as a child, supposedly lived on the moutain and was "certainly" responsible for the fish-man curse

- the next day, the group decided to investigate the mountain and the rumors of the "witch".  Near the top, they found a boulder, next to which was some sand, seashells and the skeleton of a small, humanoid figure wearing a gold necklace (which Lucas, who had been having some strange feelings about the place, decided to pick up and put on).

- behind the boulder was a cave entrance with carved steps leading down into a ruined temple-like chamber with a large bronze sun.  They were still examining their surroundings when animated skeletons began attacking them.

- as the group was destroying the last of the skeletons, a ghost-like woman entered the temple.  It stopped briefly to say something to Zatara - touching its finger to his forehead - but seemed to take a greater interest in Lucas.  Specifically, the necklace he was now wearing...

Savage Seas: Last Stop


[Sheri] Clara "Breeze" - Wind's Wings crew, sea singer

[Tony] Lucas - Ex-priate, Wind's Wings conscript

[Adam] "Zatara" - Castaway, amnesiac



- the party aboard the Wind's Wings (captain William Collette) was ~3 days ahead of the rest of the expedition.  The ship was just arriving at Basnet, an island fishing village and the western-most point of the commonly-travelled sea. This was the last stop in the known world before the expedition was to head into the western sea.

- it was a bit after sunset, and the captain sent the group ashore to ask get the harbormaster's permission to moore the next day, as well as to speak with the local authority about the arrival of the rest of the expedition and to ask about the availability of provisions for the expedition's resupply.

- on their way into the village, they encountered a nearly-capsized fishing ketch.  They helped the three crewman right the vessel, though there seemed to be something more to the situation than the captain's explanation of a 'freak accident'.

- in the village, the group spoke with the harbormaster and the proprietor of the local tavern.  The patrons of the dockside establishment seemed unusually dour, though the bartender explained that many were simply tired of their monotonous.  He also steered them toward the town's "inn", which rarely saw customers.  The innkeeper and his wife were indeed very happy to see them.

- it was some hours into the night when they were awakened by the sounds of a scuffle in the lobby area of the house-turned-inn.  They arrived on the scene just in time to be nearly deafened by the report of a musket being fired indoors.  Before the black-powder smoke obsured their vision, they caught a glimpse of a scaley, hunched creature with bat-like ears and a maw full of tiny, pointed teeth...