Mac in the box

Sunday August 6, 2006 at 7:33am mac, food, service Comments (3) »

As of yesterday afternoon, i'm now officially a mac user.

Due to some supreme timing on the part of one Kevin Poorman, I was able to, for less than the price i had originally thought the computer would cost, get a 20-inch imac upgraded to 2gb of ram, an ipod nano and a canon printer plus about $280 in rebates - making the ipod free and the printer darn close. Total savings ends up around the $500 mark and i have a *sweet* machine. Yay for tax free weekends and cleverly simulated student discounts.

This will be great once i have time to set it up. As for now, its still in the box for another 12 hours since i'll be in Erwin all day.

Also, i highly recommend the Carolina Ale House in Durham if you're ever over there. The service is fantastic. We had no fewer at least 3 employees and 1 manager going out of their way to help and amuse us.