Of Dragons, Tables, and Podcasts

Monday November 20, 2017 at 12:17pm podcasting, gaming, thetabledragon Comments (0) »
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"Oh man, if I had an hour..."

So Rucht, a gamer friend of mine who runs an RPG group I play in (not to be confused with the group I run), happens to head up the tabletop games track at DragonCon.  Rucht was also the guy who introduced me to gaming podcasts via Fear the Boot, and is someone with whom I somewhat regularly have interesting discussions about the various facets of this hobby with both like so much.

A while back (maybe a year ago?) he approached me about doing a podcast of our own on some of this stuff.  He said he's often been asked questions at the con that he just doesn't have time to answer, and he thought it would be cool if there was some resource he could point people to on some of this stuff.  Also, since the two of us are rarely at a loss for gamery things to talk about, he thought we could produce some pretty substantial content that others might find useful (or, at least interesting).

Lanching a 'Cast

The goal was to launch the podcast - which we dubbed "The Table Dragon" - for this year's DragonCon.  We were *mostly* successful (I might have been up until ridiculous hours editing episode 1, and subsequently thinking I lost said editing work).  The site was plain and boring, but the basic content was there.  We don't have (read: "I haven't found time to make") a dedicated site yet, but the libsyn feed is so far "adequate".

Solidifying the Project

This weekend I took a couple of so-so photos so we could have some basic imagery (which doesn't look great at every resolution on the libsyn feed, but...), finished editing Episode 2, and published that stuff.

Now I'm starting to be a little proud of this thing.  It looks decent, and I think our two episodes are actually pretty good (even if I hate listening to myself talk on recordings).

We have recorded a third, and we have some interesting plans for something cool and different for our next episode.  So we'll see where this goes.