Summer Vacation

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 Udvar-Hazy - Kitty Hawk fighter
Udvar-Hazy - Kitty Hawk fighter

Sheri, Hannah & I went on our first real trip in the "new" car we got back at the beginning of this year.  One of the nicest things about having it is (in addition to my getting much better gas economy), being able to go places more than 20 minutes away and be reasonably confident the vehicle in question will make it there and back.  Since our good friend Ginger couldn't make it down for Trogland 7 this year (much to our disappointment), we decided to work out a time to go visit them up in the DC area.

The trip was tremendously fun.  Ginger & William are great hosts, and it was so much fun to hang out with them.  We hadn't really done a lot with Ginger in several years and it was great to really have some time to catch up.  Also, William is a great guy - I really wish I knew him better.  Hannah and Liam seemed to get along pretty well and were really cute playing together.  William has decreed that, on our next meeting, there shall be more games.

In addition to some relaxing, we went to Udvar-Hazy and the National Zoo.  I, of course, I had a great time taking pictures at both locations.  I was particularly impressed with my camera's performance at Udvar-Hazy in terms of high ISO (was shooting at 1600 for most of it) and the 28-135mm IS kit lens I was using (generally at the 28mm due to the size of subject material).  That thing may be consumer-grade, but it has given me some impressive results (if not completely consistently).  At the zoo, I was using my new 300mm telephoto.  I'm not sure how high I rate that zoo in terms of how good it is for photography, but we only got to about 60% of it and several of the enclosures were possessed of animals that weren't exactly cooperative - so maybe i don't have adequate data to make that sort of call.  Still, it was a lot of fun and I did get a few really nice shots.


The View From Ohio

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So I'm currently sitting in our company office in downtown Lebanon, OH. It's kinda cool, actually. On the second floor; has a nice set of windows overlooking the old downtown area. I like the buildings around here - they've got character.

Matt, Barb, Addie and I have been having a good time (Kedrick/Warren has mostly been gone or on the phone in the other room). Lots of random, funny, sometimes work-related conversations. It's been fun to be all in the same room and I've enjoyed getting to know them in person. It actually reminds me a lot of hanging out with my friends much more than being in an "office". Still, we've managed to accomplish quite a bit, I think. I got to go over my system with them (which was the point of this journey) and they understood it all pretty well. They'd been doing a good job already though. I think we make a pretty great group of coworkers.

I'll admit working from home is a little lonely sometimes... ...though I enjoy having Ally around. And I miss working from my Mac. I should also point out that the office here is in dire need of some audio enhancement - preferably in the form of some nice speakers and good coding music. True it might make phone calls a little more difficult, but still, there's two rooms. Work it out.

The plane ride up here was... ...alright. A little nerve-wracking. I don't care much for flying. I'd been on planes twice before - all with groups of familiar people in large planes in and out of major airports about 10 years ago. Much. Different. I'm figuring Tri-Cities doesn't see too many 727's and the plane I rode out on was actually a prop aircraft. Yeah, *lots* of vibration on those things. Kinda freaky. The jet i took from Charlotte the rest of the way was much smoother and more like i remembered (though still small) - that is, after it got off the ground. It was delayed for about 1.5 hours. I say the flight was smooth - yes. The descent into Dayton, however was quite rough as there was some incoming nasty weather. Also kind of freaky. I'm at least a little familiar with flying now though - and that's nice. I didn't want to bring my camera on the trip because i didn't know what to expect in terms of the flying arrangements. I'm still thinking leaving it was for the best, though i'm sure it would have been ok and I do wish I had it.

On the way to Kedrick & Addie's house (where i've been staying), we drove through a bit of a monsoon. It was crazy. Oh sure, it rains like that in TN too. About twice year. For 15 seconds. Total.

Kedrick & Addie's house is pretty cool. I've even had my own room and bathroom for this trip. They have two dogs - a huge golden retriever (and i mean huge. Like, "i've-never-seen-a-golden-retriever-this-big" huge...) who *loves* me (mostly because they love everyone), and a tiny little terrier-like dog who i've yet to get to come anywhere near me.

It has been weird being away from home by myself. I miss Sheri and Ally. Still, it's been a pretty good trip so far.


Merry Arkansas. I mean Christmas.

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Tomorrow morning at [too early]o'clock, Sheri & I are heading out to AR to visit her family for the holidays. We'll be back sometime lateish on the 30th.

Happy Holidays to all and safe travels to those of you journeying forth this season.


Return to Yoshi's Igloo

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Well, we made it back from our trip to IN alright. We had a great time. It was nice to get to hang out with our families and relax - we hadn't been up there since last christmas.

We spent the first half of the week up in the Frankfort area with sheri's grandparents - mostly playing cards and talking and stuff. We also stopped by Sheri's sister's house on our way back down to visit our neices. They're cute.

The second half of the week we spent in Columbus with my parents playing golf (for the first time in 10 years!), bowling, playing some more cards and generally having a good time.

We returned to find some rather impressive post-it art in our livingroom and office. I sort of saw it coming though - since we had all talked before of doing it to someone else's place. Next time the post-it's strike, i want to be in on it.

In some ways I wish we would have had a bit more time up there, but in other ways its good to be back (aside from some computer issues and people spamming my site).

I put some pictures up in the Gallery. Enjoy.


Of Epic Adventures

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Take 2

Greetings one and everyone,

Much has transpired since my last entry but, for various reasons, i have been unable to blog about it until this moment.

Most notably, i have moved. Sheri and I closed on our house on the 1st around 5pm. Shortly thereafter, we and a small army of friends descended upon our little apartment and moved everything in it over to the house (about .4 miles away) in 3 hours. Afterwards we went out to dinner to reward our efforts.

The following day, sheri and I left for Arkansas to visit her family. While there we attended her brother's high school graduation party, went to Silver Dollar City in Branson, went out on her dad's boat, and played lots of Shadows Over Camelot. We also camped out on our way to and from. On the trip, we saw several quite amusing landmarks - including Fort Pillow and Yow Chiropractic.

While we were gone, our house was named The Igloo (probably because it's the only place of ours around that has descent air conditioning) and it was thusly decorated with paper snowflakes, cotton snow and blue saran-wrap ice (complete with incased frozen mammoths). We also found a group of stuffed animals gaming in our basement. I hope to have pictures of this stuff up in the gallery soon.

Since we've been back, we have begun organizing the place (though not too much, since we still have to paint pretty much everything), we have tested our washer and dryer (which seemed to work quite well once the hot and cold hoses were reversed), we have acquired a range and a refridgerator and have (finally) got internet access (and there was much rejoicing).


Today be the day

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This morning I recieved a call(s) from Vic Feathers at the bank saying everything seemed* to be in order for our scheduled closing this afternoon at 4pm.

(*actually, when i asked him, his exact words were "hell if i know")

Assuming everything goes relatively according to plan (a rather portly assumption), we will be starting to move stuff in between 5 and 6pm this evening.

Coincidentally, tomorrow also 'be the day'. Tomorrow we're intending to leave on a 10-day trip to AR to visit sheri's family.

Now, you may ask yourself: why would they go on a long(ish) vacation the day after moving into a new (and first) house? Answer: because we're bloody insane.

After our return, future plans involve organizing the place (you know, at least a LITTLE), getting some appliances, fixing up some little things, having a painting party and buying a mac.


Kevin, Birthday, Duke, Apple

Tuesday May 30, 2006 at 10:31am travel, birthdays Comments (2) »

Yesterday Ginger, Tony, Sheri and I embarked on what would be a near-epic adventure to Durham to visit Kevin for his birthday.

Conspiring with some local friends of his - Joe and Amy - we showed up at his apartment around 1pm - much to his surprise. We told him to change out of his penguin pj's and come outside for a cookout we were having. We generally spent the afternoon eating, talking and playing frisbee.

After the cookout, the six of us went to look around Duke's campus and buildings. We got to walk around in the amazing cathedral-style chapel and the div-school building(s). We stopped to examine both of Hauerwas' office doors - which are plastered with all manner of interesting stickers, photos and other strange and humorous artifacts. We had a brief encounter with Dr. Hall, who is very friendly and regretted not having time to talk to us for long. It was amusing to hear her harass kevin a little - leaving him with nothing to say (which is a bit extraordinary in and of itself).

After leaving the div-school, we drove over to Durham's mall (which, as we discussed, is a real mall, as opposed to the little thing we have here in JC) and to the Apple store, where my desire to in some fashion purchase a mac was further and greatly reinforced. Alas, i must see to house-related stuff first.


Presuming the existence of a loop...

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...i'm pretty sure i was out of it.

Anyway, we're back in TN again. The world seems to be returning to normal after it's brief yearly lapse. It's a bit of a weird thing to get back into a routine after being out of one for more than a week.

Our trip was a good one though. We got to see just about everyone we knew in IN and OH. There are some photos of it in the photo gallery.

We are, however, having a bit of difficulty finding places to put all our new stuff. Our game shelf that wasn't quite big enough now really isn't big enough.

When you can describe your closet by saying 'what goes in doesn't come out', it might be time to clean it out. It sounded like a good new-years-resolutiony kind of thing to do, so i did it. I think i have equalized the Gross Gifts Gain by getting rid of a bunch of junk, so i think the collective mass of the rabbit hole has remained fairly uniform through the season.


It's beginning to look a lot like traveling

Thursday December 22, 2005 at 3:47pm travel, holidays Comments (6) »

Well, as of sometime tomorrow afternoon, sheri and i will be heading up to IN and OH to see family for the holidays. It's been a while since i've seen most of them - in fact, when a couple of them stopped by last weekend (which i now realize i forgot to mention in the blog), it had been a nearly year since i'd seen one of my sisters. Should be a fun trip.

Hope everyone else is having a good time this christmas and that everyone arrives and returns from their various destinations with no trouble.


the last week

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the last week has been, for the most part, uneventful. we've been enjoying the new games we got last weekend and are planning on taking them with us. We had a good rp session on monday. No one got turned to stone by the basilisk. that was good. Steve finally was able to start his epic game this week. That was fun. Epic druidy goodness. There was some other stuff this week that was rather amusing, but i've forgotten most of it. I do remember something about me inventing a metric time system where the base unit is called a 'faffle'.

So anyway... ...i'll be gone for about a week as sheri and i are taking a trip out to see her family in flippin' arkansas. (Yes, the name of the town is actually Flippin.) Be good while i'm gone.



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well, our trip up to IN / OH went pretty well. it was nice to see some family again...most of whom we haven't seen since christmas.

not much to blog on, but here are some thoughts from the weekend:

1. when in doubt, bring the laptop

2. Noble Roman's is awesome

3. whenever there are many family members together, someone will make everybody do something cheesy

4. driving for too long in one direction will cause you to bake unevenly

5. dude, yoshi's island


some thoughts on writer's block, long trips, games and spiders of mass destruction

Wednesday July 6, 2005 at 12:06pm psychology, travel Comments (0) »

well, well

seems trying to find something to write about is somewhat difficult after the fact. I mean, there are lots of things that i'm like 'hey! i should totally write some blog about that!', but then i either forget them or i'm too lazy or later i'm like 'hey, that's not all that good...'

so anyway

about the most out-of-the-ordinary thing that's happened lately is that i killed a monstrous black widow spider just outside our apartment. (i hope that stays out-of-the-ordinary) It's true i strongly dislike spiders, but it always makes me feel a hurt something just to prevent it from having the opportunity to hurt me. It reminds me a little of Ender Wiggin... ...or maybe US foreign policy...

one of the gaming groups was supposed to start an epic-level game tonight, but it's being delayed due to some people not being ready yet...which sucks...but...what can you do. if you're me, not much.

sheri and i (she'd be so proud of me using 'proper' english there) are going to be going to IN / OH for the weekend to see family. that should be cool... ...and then, a couple weeks later we're gonna turn right around (or rather, turn to the west) and go to arkansas to see sheri's family. too much driving in july.