Mid-March Pt. I - VBS, etc

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Well, despite the fact that I'm still just a *little* sickish and i'm looking at a very busy work week, i guess i finally have some time to breath.

Last week our church had VBS, which went well. This year, I got lucky. I was present only as tech support and photographer - which basically meant i set up the projector, etc every day and then went around and took pictures of the different classes. I'm not sure I took as many shots this year (as i did last year), but i think the ones i have are better - both because i now have a decent flash and because I have another year of experience. A couple shots i think are really good or interesting in and of themselves (which i might post on here at some point) and quite a few 'decent' shots that are good as a VBS collage.

I did start to get sick toward the end of the week unfortunately. Thursday and friday mornings were pretty bad, but i was feeling better by the evenings and so didn't have to miss anything fun... ...and i think i still got my work done. It really wasn't too bad. I usually only get sick once or twice a year, so hopefully this counts.


Previous Week: VBS + Sycamore + Milligan = Lots of Photos

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Previous Week: VBS + Sycamore + Milligan = Lots of Photos Image

This last week was VBS at our church. We decided to do it during spring break this year (like we did a couple years ago) so as not to have to compete with other area churches for attendees.

We had a sort of kickoff/egg hunt last saturday and started the actual program on sunday night and ran it thru wednesday. Overall, I think it went very well.

In addition to my usual duties as A/V / computer-tech guy, I also got to be the "official" photographer for the week. I think I took about 300+ shots - about 160ish of which I felt were good enough for the slideshows that I put up prior to the opening each night (of the previous night's events). I have posted the handful of shots that I feel are truly wonderful in the VBS 2008 Gallery, as well as a few others I thought were pretty good for various reasons.

The weather this last week has been great overall. I even mowed the lawn (well, the front and part of the back anyway) for the first time this year today. Due to this fortuitous circumstance, we decided to go on a picnic friday afternoon at Sycamore Shoals and then walk around a bit. A few more images have been added to the Sycamore Shoals Gallery.

Later that afternoon, Sheri and I went over to Milligan to walk around and take pictures - the campus is mostly empty this weekend due to Easter and it seemed like a good time to shoot scenery without being in peoples' way. Several more shots have been added to the Milligan Gallery as well.

In addition, a few other, random pics have been added to a few other galleries (like the one I've included in this post). All told, I'm sure I took over 500 pictures this last week... EDIT: Actual count of pictures downloaded to my computer from the last week is 706 - which of course isn't counting the ones that i erased on the camera. The actual total for shots taken is probably well over 1,000.

Oh, and there will be some certain, other shots posted a little later... ;)



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Well, tonight was the last night of VBS. We all survived. It went very well, despite our directors nervousness about it.

Sheri led music, most of the opening and closing and one of the classes. She had a lot of work to do for it.

I just ran the powerpoint & projector for the words for the songs.

Oh, and I got to be a puppet. A dog puppet called 'Digger', to be precise. It was a big hit. Everyone loved it, and I had a lot of fun doing it. I used to do puppets at my church back in jr high. Kinda forgot how much fun it was. Especially with all the improv/ad-lib I got to do with Sam (since none of this was scripted). I also had a lot of fun putting bandannas, hats and sunglasses on him, and I even got to work in my little penguin hand puppet for a cameo tonight.

It was great! I mean, when you're as easily amused as I am, what could be better than puppets? :-)

Well, Sheri's parents are to arrive tomorrow, and i've got some stuff to do, so I'm off...