Adventures With Webcams

Tuesday September 12, 2006 at 12:23pm webcam, website, because i can Comments (3) »

As you have probably noticed, my *new and improved* site now features a (boring-ish) webcam over on the left panel. Not that i really have a good reason to have a webcam, it's more just a 'because i can' thing.

The cam updates about every 5 minutes, showing a slightly delayed image. It has been quite a source of amusment for me/us.

I have discovered i make some really funny faces when i'm confused about some piece of code i'm working on or when i'm playing fps games (particularly if i'm winning).

Kevin likes to IM me and say things like 'dude, weren't you wearing that shirt yesterday?'.

No, no i wasn't.

He's also suggested putting up 'away messages' via large signs in front of the camera when i'm not around. I've yet to try that idea, but i occassionally put one of my penguins in front of it when i'm out.